First these fuckers wanted to take away our guns.

Now they’re after our trucks.

“As that chrome grille closed on me like a man-eating Norelco shaver, time slowed. It seemed I was watching myself from afar, being nimble for a man my age, darting from the path of a towering, limousine-black pickup with temporary plates, whose driver barely checked his pace.”

LOL.  And some people take this shit seriously.

And then the best part:

Now we have a grown man who saw a scary truck and thus wants to impose European neutering standards in order for him to feel protected.

Yeah, let’s have the Euroweenies tell us how to build pickup trucks:

You know, I’ve only ever owned one full-size pickup, a 2002 Ford F-150:

…and the only reason I sold it was because when I did the weekly fill-up of the F-150 and the Suburban, I could move the share price of Texaco a full point.

Now I don’t need a pickup truck anymore, but when I read bullshit like the above, I get a “Beto” reaction (when some asshole tells me I can’t have something, I want to go straight out and get one.)  I bet that truck sales are going to increase, just like the sales of AR-15s exploded after O’Rourke’s pronouncement.

After all, nobody needs one of these assault trucks, do they?

Liberals never learn.  Fucking morons.


  1. When we were in Italy we saw those little three-wheeled trucks, which would seem handy for getting thru a riot (knock ’em down with the front end and run them over with the back wheels). They do seem a bit small though.

    When my current Jeep goes the way of all flesh I’m thinking of a full-sized pick-up (4WD, because Pennsylvania). I really want a small fishing boat, and don’t really have a place to store a trailer, so I want something that will fit in the back of a pick-up. This is just one more reason to get one.

    I’ve yet to get an AR-15 though, every time I get up the scratch to get one some jackwagon like Beto says something that starts a frenzy and the price soars while ammo becomes Unobtainium. I don’t think I’m under-armed with my M1 Garand though, it’s not over-penetration when the guy behind the guy you’re shooting at is a problem too (or the guy behind him).

  2. Tell me there’s not a “Civil War II” coming, with a continuous stream of this type crap!

  3. My S10 will be 30 years old next month and it is most likely the first and last new vehicle I will ever own. Been looking at new trucks for some time now and just can’t justify the prices. In 1990 I paid $8888.00 for my brand new 1991 S10 Tahoe and it still runs good and has minimal maintenance and no repairs over $200 except for tires. It’s truly the best purchase I have ever made. I doubt any of the mostly plastic new trucks will last 1/2 that long. Oh yeah, I actually use my truck for truck stuff. Hauling plywood, drywall, other building materials, appliances, cabinets, etc. 95% of the time I am the only one in it so why do I need more seats? Extended cab suits my needs. No dually, no diesel, yes 4×4.

  4. It’s especially hilarious they are yelling about the big trucks when the trend is directly linked to the regulations they pushed. Changing the CAFE fuel economy standards and increasing the “safety” requirements resulted in larger cars and trucks. The law of unintended consequences strikes again.

    (from 2016)


    (from 2019)

    My daily driver is a 17-year old Toyota Tundra, at the time it was the “big” truck in the Toyota lineup. A co-worker just bought a new Toyota Tacoma (the “small” truck) and when parked next to mine, it is now nearly identical in size to my truck. And the new Tundra makes my truck look small.

  5. My brother was a combat engineer when he was in the Army. One of the interesting field manuals he brought home with him was on improvised munitions or how to use available materials when you didn’t have the correct demolition charges. From what I got out of just flipping through it seems to me that the Antifa crowd are a bunch of amateurs.

    I know my brother would get a kick out of showing those clowns how to make something really go boom and he’s far from the only one with that type of knowledge and experience.
    Not to mention from what I see Antifa can’t even make a proper Molotov Cocktail theirs just make a puddle and burn. It doesn’t splatter and stick to everything like the originals did.

    Like I said amateurs.

  6. Just nothin like rollin coal coming off of a stop light in my brand new GMC HD2500 next to a guy in his brand new Porsche with his window down!

  7. Given that *spit*hate crime*spit* is a one way street, you’d be gone to jail and indicted in seconds if you fired that Flammenwerfer just once at the mob, same as if you’d dare shoot one coming through your store window with a Molotov cocktail.

    Laws for us are mere suggestions for ‘them’.

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