News Roundup

Before you read Teh Headlines below, here’s a little pick-me-up.

looks like that “assimilation” thing is working well for the Krauts.

somebody explain to me why punishment for a crime like this shouldn’t include flaying before execution.

this is me, wearing Sarah Hoyt’s shocked face.

man, I didn’t know that Trump has 60 million campaign workers.

and I’ll believe that poll, as long as “Do you think Blacks are racist?” was one of the questions.

joins Mandela, far too late, in that great Murdering Bastards Club In The Sky.

who?  Oh yeah, the guy who’s going to lose an election by a larger margin than George McGovern.

let’s start more modestly by canceling stupid.

wrong as always, Rather, you lying Commie cocksucker.

the only thing newsworthy about this one is that it wasn’t Nicholas Cage.

I know, I know:  this item no good without pitchurs:

Not quite zero, but close.


  1. Re – Only people who will vote for Trump …

    My wife and I will start talking about idiots, rioters, and democrats (lotsa overlap) and then I’ll remind her that as far-fetched as it seems, the fact that Hillary got roughly 50% of the popular vote indicates that there are a lot of fricking people whose thought processes are completely alien to the rest of us. Thankfully the Hillary voters were concentrated to limit their effect on the electoral college, but still. If it came to a full out civil war, we’d be pretty even number wise. Thank God our side has all the guns. Apparently McAuliffe hasn’t arrived at that same conclusion.

    Re – Mlangeni jailed with Mandela dead

    I first took that to mean that they put him in a jail cell full of dead people killed by Mandela. My bad.

    1. I will ask you the same question I have been asking people who say to me, “Hillary won the popular vote!”

      What makes you think so?

      1. Because they’re better at cheating?

        I’m not saying she won the popular vote, what I’m saying is that most elections hover around the 45-55% margin. We say landslide because of the way the electoral college works out, with winner take all for each state (not quite anymore, but still). But a true landslide where the winner actually got 70% or 80% of the vote? Not likely. Reagan in ’84 only got 58% and change.

        My point is that we’re not talking a 90%-10% split. There’s a pretty even split (among people who vote) between the slightly more conservative candidate and whatever whackjob the dems put on stage.

  2. By a larger margin that McGovern? Well George lost to Nixon 17-520 in the electoral college. California alone has 55. New York 29. Illinois 20. None of those states are competitive. On the other hand, a lot of states that Trump absolutely must win are very competitive for Democrats: Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio. Thanks to demographics and election shenanigans, the odds are much greater that Trump loses to Biden in a bloodbath similar to Carter losing to Reagan. If Trump somehow wins re-election, it will be a minor miracle and by the skin of his teeth.

  3. “…Cancel… rent… mortgage… student debt… ”
    Us needs a ‘mendment that specifies that legislators’ pay must must be extracted solely by levy on voters of the hosting district or State.

    1. There’s a quote of uncertain authorship that has been around for years: “The republic will last until the people discover that they can vote themselves money.”

  4. First of all, that nice small boob woman looks as if she needs a sign around her neck that says, you must be under 50 years old to go on this ride, otherwise you will probably die but, you will go out with a smile on your face.

    As for all of the other strange world stuff that is going on with politics, this year is different from anything we have ever experienced, we are in uncharted waters and there is a generation of younger adults who don’t know shit about the history of our nation, all of the blood that was shed to create the finest nation in the world. They have been programed to hate conservative values, many of them in their 20 and 30’s, out in the streets have so much student loan debt, no live plan to become grown ups, raising families, owning property and taking responsibility for their actions. They are street warriors, no justice, no peace crap, being led by trained lefty goons promising them a better life than living in their mom’s basement. This will not end in a good place and at some point, closer to the election, there will be a choreographed combustion that will jump from one city to the next and make Kent State look like a Sunday School picnic.

  5. “ …somebody explain to me why punishment for a crime like this shouldn’t include flaying before execution.”

    Because it’s a waste of time. Drop them, handcuffed, into a cess pit and put the lid on.

    1. Nah…..Tie him down to four stakes throw out some ants let it happen for about thirty minutes a day till he dies and begs for death.

  6. With regard to Biden, how long would it be before the invocation of the 25th and his replacement by the VP?

    Say, Feb 1st?

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