2020 Strikes Again

Once again, the Year From Hell is adding to the catalogue of woes:

And I think the Grand Finale will be:

…which, if it blows, will pretty much wave goodbye to Western civilization.  (The Third World is already in Dark Ages-style squalor, so not much change for them  and like cockroaches, they’ll survive.)

There’s only one thing to do, at this point:

Not my actual Cabinet ‘O Scotch*, but it’s pretty close.  So, after I’m done loading up my [number deleted]  AK- and M1 Carbine mags…

Cheers, y’all.

*Upon close inspection, there are only about a couple of those brands that I’ve never tasted, so maybe a pre-Apocalypse run to Ye Olde Liqueure Shoppe is called for…


  1. Well, it’s a good thing we’re all wearing masks, right?? Sure, ineffective masks but it’s the thought that counts, not whether they work.

    Is there a plague of locusts following behind the dust cloud, because I’m starting to think we have pissed off someone with some serious pull. I’m off to buy more Scotch.

      1. Growing up in East Tennessee, my grandparents’ well water had a relatively high sulfur/iron content. So, basically, it smelled like rotten eggs. The Irish whisky that I’ve tried reminds me of that little well and its god awful water. Maybe I just haven’t tried the right one, yet.

  2. I like my Scotch also in my younger days a female older than me started me on Chivas when I was 22 yrs old.I have Kim been ammo-ing up these days got 240rds of M1 carbine coming in,in the process of reloading 400rds .308 and need to reload 200 more rounds of carbine this will get me back to a collective 10K in various rounds.I also p/u 7 more mags for the two carbines in the last week since the wife feels it’s time.The BS out there will hit the fan come Nov.

  3. I would hope that Yellowstone blows at dawn, as it will be a spectacular show to watch from here on the high desert of the Great Basin.
    Now, if the Long Valley Caldera decides to join the show, things here will not go well.

    1. When the Long Valley Caldera goes, I hope it’s in winter and I’m at the top of Cornice

  4. Why are you loading mags for guns you no longer have? They went to the bottom of the lake in a tragic boating accident…I seen it…

  5. I’ve known Richard and Nancy Gooding for over 20 years. They have always been so very nice to me, they’re wonderful. Their home is amazing and in the video, you’ll see the Scotch collection on which he had spent decades. I was at his 60th BD party when I first learned of the collection. My friend and I spent an hour just walking up and down the aisles looking at all of the bottles.

    I was back in Denver this spring and met with Nancy. One of her passions is my lifelong art, leaded glass, and their home has tastefully integrated dozens of gorgeous leaded windows including some Tiffany, 3rd Street Studio and many others including several of mine. She purchased some of my windows for which I am eternally grateful as traditional leaded glass is now out of vogue.

    He was quite ill the last years of his life and was unable to drink anymore. Really, he was always so nice to me. Great guy.


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