Risky Bidness

Apparently, some “experts” (standard warning applies) over in Britishland (same warning) have come up with a list of activities that carry a risk of catching Chinkvirus cooties, ranked according to risk level:

All FYI — as much of what is listed is pretty much commonsense.  I do wonder, though, how “protest march”, “rioting” and “looting” (some overlap) did not make the list.


  1. Leftist protest would be equivalent to opening mail while anti-shutdown protests would be like going to a bar.

  2. hate to be that person, but that first originated in Texas


    The Texas Medical Association, which is made up of 53,000 physicians and medical students across the state, released the list that ranks how risky an activity is regarding COVID-19 on a scale of one to 10.

    The express has cunningly a) re-spelt “Theatre”, and b) got rid of the apostrophe in “someone else’s”. You know, grammar and all. (actually, they’ve taken it out of “doctor’s” as well). And – rather superbly – changed “religious service” to “ceremony”

    As a Brit, I wouldn’t say “barbershop” but “barber’s”. We also open the post, not the mail. Don’t shop at malls. And I’m assuming the football is gridiron, rather than soccer; a lot less contact than basketball…

  3. There are orders by Governors to not ask people who test positive for the virus about political activities.

    How to shape the narrative. Any dead person, testing positive for Chink-19 is deemed to have died of it, and doctors have orders to not record certain activities when investigating vectors of live people who test positive for Chink-19.

      1. If people have the virus in their blood when they die, even if they die of some other disease, they get a tick in the Corona virus daily total. Doctor Fauci’s sidekick Dr. What’shername admitted this a few weeks ago.
        Conceivably George Floyd could be in that total, since I have heard that he was Wuhan flu positive.

  4. Massachusetts has been playing similar games for months. Counting deaths “with COVID” in the same category as “From Covid” . Alough to be fair they also changed back to counting ” Confirmed Cases” and discontinued adding “Suspected Cases” into the count. Most likely because then they can then justify backing up a week because of reporting delays.

    At same they also now just show the last 30 days in their graphs. The current small numbers don’t look so small that way.

    …. and a word about the reported ” SPIKES in the Case Numbers !!!!!!”. Thoose were mostly reporting delays over the long holiday weekend.

  5. A man was walking across a bridge on his way back home from a doctor’s visit, where he had just tested positive for Covid-19. Feeling angry and dejected, he flipped a bird at a passing car when the occupants stared at him. The car stopped and backed up.
    The occupants then shot him four times and drove off. The poor guy staggered into the roadway, where he was struck by a truck which knocked him back across the sidewalk and over the bridge rail, from which he fell forty feet into a woodchipper operated by a highway crew below.
    By the time the crew stopped the chipper, he had lost both legs to the knee.
    He was rushed to the hospital, where the staff mismatched his blood type and transfused 4 units of an incompatible type. He died.
    Cause of death: Covid-19.

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