1. Street Wenches are tricky and prey on folks eating out of doors by stealing bits of food from the unsuspecting, kind of like seagulls without wings.

  2. In this photograph from the July ‘taco riots’, State Trooper Velma Marsh employs the controversial-yet-effective ‘reverse choke-hold’ on a black-shirted rioter while State Trooper Ida Lovelost attempts to control the evidentiary chain-of-possession.

  3. Mocking the ‘millennial’ trade-mark moves of checking the time by looking at their telephones, rebel-in-a-black-shirt Marcus Aerilious flaunts his wrist-bourne time-piece… while a pair of telephone-obsessed do-gooders — both coincidently named ‘Karen’ — attempt to educate him on the error of his ‘Luddite’ ways.

  4. This month’s caption from the Hydrant Tours International calendar:
    “After losing her lower torso in a tragic wet-cobblestones incident, professional beggar Ida Lovelost surreptitiously pilfers a snack from a pair of distracted tourists in town to marvel at the ‘big city’ hydrant system.”

  5. Although seven-percent of disbelievers long-believed our canine companions possess a much-reduced sense of color perception, seven decades of successful experiments by impartial researchers strongly suggest, and I quote, “yellow hydrants attract seven times the bladder-oriented visits compared to non-yellow hydrants”… proving, once again, the value of ‘seven’ in official scientific documents.

  6. The difference between a piece of ass and a pizza, ass.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  7. Gents and ladies – you are observing first hand a master at work as he angles for an evening threesome. One consoled, one fed, both snockered drunk. An artist!

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