I see that the cops charged with riot control both Over Here and Over There are being encouraged to “take a knee” (i.e. kneel down before the rioters, to express sympathy for The Cause).

Well, of course that’s all a load of old bullshit.  Reader Quentin (who is a Brit) has this suggestion:

…whilst The Englishman takes a more old-fashioned view:

(AP Photo/John Robinson)

…but I, of course, prefer a still-more old-fashioned knee-taking (for the Brits, that is):

As for us Murkins, we generally prefer to do things with mechanised equipment:

…but for those who do want some human interface, we could always borrow this idea from our Brit cousins:

(I like the thoughtful touch of adding a trough-shaped flash deflector, so as not to set fire to the driver’s hair when shooting at Nazis, fuzzy-wuzzies, Commies, college faculty members [some overlap] and other assorted filth.)

Additional suggestions in Comments.


  1. For general social purposes we might consider the old M42 quad .50 mount. A friend who has since passed on related that he served with an M65 atomic cannon unit in the 1950s. They had quad 50s for security and AA work. Friend said that the M42 guns would chop down good size trees in a couple of seconds. That’s probably why there aren’t any good size trees around Ft Sill. He loved the power and long range of Ma Deuce. “If you could see it, you could kill it.”

    I like the SLR in the first picture. In this old man’s opinion it was the last good rifle issued by the British army. I enjoy my Garand but I’d be equally well served by an L1A1. At my age I’m not going far with either rifle and a load of ammunition but I can still hit the target and do some damage. Lots better than the L85 “civil service rifle” – it doesn’t work and you can’t fire it.

    1. The M42, while a fantastic weapon, would require the presence of one’s bank manager, because that four-barreled beauty, at $5 per round, would empty one’s bank account quicker than Bernie Madoff on steroids.

  2. Wrap them in razor wire, roll them down a long hill into a pool filled with hand sanitizer. Then toss in a lit road flare.

    Or does that come under “cruel and unusual”?

  3. We are US citizens and we do not bow or kneel to others which shows they are superior to us, as citizens we are all of equal value unless we have committed felonies and then usually we lost the right to vote, at least in the old days of a few years ago. In the military there is a salute to a commissioned officer recognizing his or her rank and the fact they are supposed to be able to make decisions and give orders to non commissioned officers who will actually do the work and see that the lower ranks get the job done, not always perfect but an easily understood organizational structure several hundred years old. Recognizing authority is totally different from lowering oneself to a superior person because we don’t have those in the USA.

    I am tired of the bullshit when I get fed up with a militarized police force and think what the hell do we need all that stuff for and then a group of folks decide to protest for peace and destroy a city I think well maybe they do need a lot of that protection and show of force. Of course when a city gets whacked real bad and decides the actions of one bad policeman represent all the police so the police have to be defunded and the money given to the rioters so they will be happy and live in peace is probably not a good idea, good luck Minneapolis.

    I spent three years living in that metro area with all those fine thinking folks in the 1980’s, with a bit of a SW drawl my family was never accepted because we sounded like we might be rednecks, not Dukes of Hazard Rednecks but more like LBJ Texas rednecks and they knew they were better than us. So, one day I sold my snowblower and moved to Dallas and I could start breathing once more, made a lot of friends both Democrat and Republican. We were back with our people who liked to be friendly and enjoy life without being measured on a social justice scale of our degree of concern about world conditions and the downtrodden and that was in 1989.

    Of course in the past 30 years the political power of being offended as infected our major metro areas in Texas and now we have the huge city/states of diversity with more diversity people dependent on the government than ever and a generation of young grownups under 40 who are mostly brainwashed and uneducated in history and Western Culture, courses we used to call humanities. The ability to discern, weigh and measure, discuss and argue different ideas are no longer taught nor desired, regurgitation of the storyline of oppression and the desire of privileged white people to maintain power over all others as they have done for 400 years is the religion that cannot be doubted or challenged because that is heresy which must be punished and requires re-education and bowing down to the current post modern way or correct thinking or your city will be burned to the ground, you none believers of power diversity, or something.

    That crap I wrote is kind of a garbled, gobbledy, gook of stuff but that is where I am on this fine morning. Thank you Kim for giving us good stuff to think about and bad stuff to laugh at.

  4. An idea I always wanted to try was the old British volley fire drill conducted with 12 gauges loaded with buckshot. Not much range but I believe it would be effective for stopping violent protesters.

  5. My people came to this country almost 400 years ago because they refused to bend the knee to Charles I and Archbishop Laud. Now what would make anyone imagine that such people would bend the knee to communists and civilizational savages?

  6. None of the people who are “taking a knee” seem to realize that they are symbolically re-enacting the killing that started this whole mess. Amazingly, neither do the protesters.

  7. I kinda like all of those pictured methods of dealing with so called protesters
    Did anyone notice when they were chucking the statue into the drink that the people doing the chucking were the usual suspects rather than Blek, (you know, strange coloured hair, dogs on pieces of string, that lot).

    1. See, BF, that’s where you, Mr. FM and some other Stout Bulldogs were needed to toss said filth into the river — preferably tied to the statue, but let me not dream too ambitiously.

  8. The thing that irritates me the most, is not the undisciplined rioters & looters. They are simply getting away with what the local authority have allowed them to do.
    What really sets me off is that the the local politicians, mayors, governors, etc etc expect, EXPECT, that the US taxpayers will pay for their horrible incompetence that allowed the destruction to occur.
    They believe that folks that would never do what they allowed happen should pay for the thieves, vandals and their own disgusting malfeasance.
    The volley fire described by Kim should FIRST be directed to ALL the slimy politicians with no backbone that not only allowed, but aided and abetted the rioting malcontents.

  9. Looks like a water cooled Maxim on the desert dasher, very nice setup and quite modern tires (tyres for you Anglos) on it.

  10. Worth pointing out that ALL the photos are of British methods. The flail tank was one of Hobart’s Funnies. Hobart as in Major General Sir Percy Cleghorn Stanley Hobart KBE, CB, DSO, MC, and CO of the British 79th Armoured Division in WW2.
    Yes, the British Army operated a huge number of Sherman tanks from Lend-Lease. Something like 17000-ish of them.

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