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Peter Grant talks about Africa, and the savagery that never ends except when the White man steps in to stop it.  And when he gets sick of carrying the White Man’s Burden and walks away, it starts up again as though it never stopped.

Although the links Peter posts are of an earlier era, what he states is absolutely true:  it’s still going on today.  He’s seen it at first hand, and so have I.

And now this is happening not just in Africa, but pretty much everywhere Africans settle.

Prove me wrong.

Addendum:  And right on cue, I get an email from Longtime Reader And Friend Peter B., who has the scoop on the latest reindeer games in Africa:

A Chinese factory in Zambia was set on fire. The following quotes are from the Global Times, the CCP news outlet:

The three Chinese nationals from East China’s Jiangsu Province were murdered by three local Zambians who then set fire to the warehouse of a Chinese clothing company on Sunday, outraging the Chinese community in the African country, local sources revealed to the Global Times.
According to a preliminary investigation by Zambian police, the suspects, two men and one woman, entered the warehouse and killed the victims before committing robbery, and then set a fire to destroy evidence.

The ChiComs are discovering just how much fun it is, and how much it costs, to play in Africa.  Can we call it the “Yellow Man’s Burden”, yet?


  1. I wonder if Chinese folklore has a tale equivalent to Bre’r Rabbit and the Tarbaby. If they did they might recognize the approaching quagmire. Nothing for us to do but make popcorn, sit back and observe the festivities as the tyrants and savages both get what they deserve.

  2. “sloth and heathen folly”

    Reminds me of an essay P.J. O’Rourke did several years ago, in regard to “We are the world” nonsense. “Famine in Africa is man made, and the men who made it are Africans” (my paraphrase).

    It’s even more shameful to realize that the kids that were saved with said donated food/$$ grew up to be the ones committing genocide currently.

    I’ll go back to a quote from an acquaintance, “God made Africa for the Africans, it was a mistake for us to have anything to do with it.”

  3. Allow me to play Devil’s Advocate and offer an alternative view of how things may evolve.

    As we have seen in the 60 or so years of Mao’s Cultural Revolution, the ChiComs have no compunction about dealing with the local population harshly. Contrast this with how the US and Western Europe, brutal as some would describe them, couldn’t hold a candle to ChiCom brutality.
    I forsee the ChiComs rebuilding this warehouse and quietly, or not, “disappearing” whole families of they who set the fire and killed the ChiCom nationals.
    The world community may cluck and howl about “human rights abuses” but China gives not one flying fuck about what the world thinks of them. In fact, there are more than a few world leaders who would be more than willing to follow China’s lead in dealing with their own malcontents (Iran, I’m looking at you).

  4. Wakanda only exists in comic books. It doesn’t exist on the continent of Africa.

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