Monday Funnies

That does it.  I am officially sick to death of a.) Mondays and b.) the fucking Chinkvirus.  So the topic of today’s Funnies is going to be….

And on that topic:

Finally, just to restore a little class to this page, some vintage pics of 1920s screen star Louise Brooks:

publicity photo for the 1929 movie “The Canary Murder Case”


We apologize for this interruption.  Next week we will return to our regularly-scheduled programming.


  1. Thanks Kim for proving you aren’t dead yet. At my age there’s sometimes “more lookin than doin” but I still enjoy the view so I definitely appreciate the lovely Miss Brooks

  2. Louise Brooks … Hmmm maybe when you circle ’round to “L” again on your weekly Lovely Ladies postings … just saying …
    This past weekend PBS Masterpiece had a program about the early life and times of Ms. Brooks .. called The Chaperone … here:
    And if you’re a fan of Blythe Danner … she makes an appearance too.

    1. I read a comment on the net some years ago. The writer was a lighting tech on a Hollywood set when an elderly woman walked in with a couple of studio bigwigs. Every guy on the set stopped and stared; she was elderly but still gorgeous. The writer asked an older guy who she was. He answered, “It’s Louise Brooks. The most beautiful woman in Hollywood, and the most miserable.”

  3. I’m sick of the whole damned thing. We’ve been locked down since the middle of March. And maybe, just maybe, we get out June 4. So, 10 weeks, minimum.

    And what the hell has changed in 10 weeks?

    No vaccine. No treatment. And I still can’t get a damned test. I can’t even get N95 masks or gloves.

    To me, that looks like a giant “nothing has changed.”

    So our wonderful government either lied to us that it was necessary to lock down then, or its lying that its safe to unlock now.

    1. Rule, as Insty puts it: “Embrace the power of AND.”

      As for the old saying “Never ascribe to malice what could also be ascribed to stupidity or incompetence”, I would respectfully suggest that this is one time where malice wins by a country mile.

      1. Hoyt’s Corollary to Hanlon’s Razor states that sufficiently advanced malice is indistinguishable from stupidity.

  4. 1920s chicks are absolutely some of the most unattractive in history. Just… god dammit, they are. Hairstyle and makeup that were designed to make dicks shrivel. The baby boom wanted to happen in the 20s, but it was foiled.

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