Cooped Up

A Longtime Friend writes and tells me of his terminal boredom with this lockdown bullshit, made worse by a day’s rain.  So he decides to clean some of his shotguns:

My only comment is that there are WAY too many over-and-unders…

Because, as any fule kno, a proper shotgun’s barrels should be side by side like a man and his dog, and not over and under like a man and his mistress.

(For a closer look at this magnificent Piotti shotgun, go here.)


  1. You are kind funny, wanting to shift your own gears, wanting to shoot side by side instead of O/U because I have never seen a good competition shooter using side by side. They are beautiful, like old cars, but if you want to hit stuff flying through the sky an O/U might be better. I have owned single shots, pumps, semi-autos and five O/U and never had the extra money to buy a side by side. I have shot them but not well. If I had a ton of money I would have owned a huge gun vault full of beautiful shotguns but now the only side by side I have was made in London in the 1850’s, percussion cap and my grandfather bought it in the 1800’s and my dad used it in the early 1900’s when he was a kid.

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