Quote Of The Day

I can’t remember who said this (sorry to him/her), but I can’t let that stop me from posting it (because it’s wonderful):

Almost everybody who has actually studied history at all thinks actual socialism (as opposed to your fluffy magic unicorn version) is evil, while those who have studied history and still want it are wannabe totalitarians and statists who think it sounds awesome, because they assume they’re going to be the ones in charge. Then they sell the fluffy unicorn version of socialism to the useful idiots.
They tell you it’s social programs and fairness, when actual reality is bread lines, inefficiency, and eventually gulags and firing squads.



  1. A Progressive is a Socialist is a Communist is a Fascist. The uniforms vary from brand to brand, as do their
    designated scapegoats, but the results are dismally similar.

    Economic meltdown, widespread want, violence, scapegoating, show-trials, death camps, and mass graves.

  2. Everyone wants to be the commissar, but most end up as the kulak corpse in the ditch.

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