Different Take

This is one of those annoying little ads which pops up in the middle of an online article (we used to call them “speed bump” ads, back in the day):

I have to say that when I first saw the pic, neither “back pain” nor “sciatica” were the first things that popped to mind… which is no doubt its intent.

“So what did pop to mind, Kim?”  you may ask facetiously.

Heheh… you just had to ask.


  1. Same thought, only I’d prefer using my pelvis rather than the board.

    Nobody would want a photo posted of that though. 😛

  2. I’m sure we all had similar thoughts on the same ad but the poor thing looks too skinny for a paddling.

  3. Yeah. My thoughts run to, “She’s wearing too much, the camera angle sucks, and somebody get her leash back on…”

  4. Looks like feet might block a swat. Now for a quick poke angle would work. Hee hee.

  5. I am a Physical Therapist with decades of experience.

    The overwhelming majority of back pain is caused by diet.
    Something you ate irritated your gut, inflaming the two-way nerves connecting the spine to the gut.

    And ‘yes’, the young lady is just asking for some discipline(s) from a strong hand.

    1. I compression fractured my L4 vertebra 20 years ago and at times it aches, usually after I have eaten something that bound me up. That explains why a trip to the bathroom provides relief in so many ways.

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