1. I wasn’t premature, you squeezed the cream out of the donut I was saving for a midnight snack.

    Look at our kids, and tell me you want to risk another.

    D’oh D’oh D’OH!

  2. At times like this, Homer secretly wished that Marge had five fingers like humans, and not four like cartoons.

  3. It ain’t working. Maybe we should get your hairdresser to do my dick.
    How long does it last?

  4. After viewing the many erotic portraits of Ruth ‘Badder’ Ginsburg, the balding gent appreciatedly voiced his fascination with doily neck gizmo thingees.

    [ Rule 34 — if it exists, porn is made of it ]

  5. After having dinner with your sisters, your gonna have to try a lot harder to make it up to me Marge.

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