News Roundup

…in which I cast a mordant eye at the passing parade:

no kidding, Captain Obvious.  Why else would they propose it?

gimme a pint of fish-tank cleaner with an arsenic chaser while I run a hot bath and get the razor blades ready.  (No link, because I care for my Readers.)

first Illinois and now Connecticut act like they actually believe in the Second Amendment.  Are we in End Times, or am I drinking hallucinogen instead of breakfast gin?

but of course, New Jersey seldom fails to disappoint.

I blame the global climate change movement, because had Spectrum Child not been an insufferable little scold, jetting/sailing all over the world to shout her bullshit at us, this may not have happened.

and men all over the world heave a sigh of relief.

you first, tarty.

Good grief.  The news usually sucks, but it it just me, or is it getting even suckier?


  1. Oklahoma has declared both liquor and marijuana stores to be “essential businesses”. And liquor stores can now deliver, something not seen since the old dry state bootlegger days. Time to put my local hooch supplier on speed dial.

  2. Regarding the ‘Celebrities’; we knew they were mostly vapid little twits, why overreact? Oh, there have always been a few with their heads screwed on right, like Brigadier General James Maitland Stewart, but most of the ‘Hollywood Elite’ have been nuts, druggies, sluts, and imbeciles. They can act. It’s a discipline that involves over-emoting on demand in response to bogus stimuli. It’s amazing that any of them make any sense at all.

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