Mitch Berg (my old buddy from the Pleistocene Age of blogging) provides a little historical perspective which, like most of Mitch’s stuff, is superbly written and crafted.  But there’s one part which got my attention, bigly:

But America is a restless, endlessly creative, impatient nation, overstocked with people who are not going to sit on their hands and wait for things to get better;  it’s a nation full of people who are descended from people who came from all over the world, uprooting everything they knew, to make things better.

I think that we forget this, sometimes, and I know that certain sections of our society — the Press, the academe, and all the Socialist-politicians — rather wish that we were not like that, because it interferes with their little plans to turn us all into vassals and serfs of the Almighty State.

But we are like that;  and that national characteristic is going to make the recovery from this Chinese bio-invasion lightning-fast and stronger than anyone can imagine.  And if anyone disagrees with this, the chances are that they are part of the problem:  the Press, the academe, and all the Socialist-politicians.

We shall overcome — not “some day”, but soon, Bubba.  Buckle yer seatbelts.

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  1. Damn right!

    Just a few things I’ve heard of recently that give me hope that we’ll be thru this sooner rather than later:

    – Anheuser-Busch making hand sanitizer

    – Various pharma factories gearing up to make Hydroxychloroquine, just in case it turns out that it works.

    – Ford using fans intended for car ventilation systems as basis for ventilators.

    – Vaccines are already in early-stage testing.

    More locally:

    Nearly every local restaurant in my area is offering take-out and curb-side, and many are expanding their delivery services. Several promise a free lunch to any under-18 school kid who’s school is cancelled.

    At least in my immediate area, we’re taking care of one another. The local Facebook page has people saying basically “I have to go to the pharmacy to pick up my blood pressure meds, does anyone need anything?” or asking our elderly neighbors if they need anything from the grocery store.

    We’re Americans, things don’t happen to us, we go out and happen to things.

    ‘Murica bitches!

    Now pardon me while I go visit my eagle and talk about freedom and shit.

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