“Dear Dr. Kim”

“Dear Dr. Kim.
“I’m so worried about getting the coronavirus.  What can I do?”

— Paranoid, Chicago

Dear Para:
Do all the stuff that people have been telling you to do:  wash your hands thoroughly and often, cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze, wear a face mask if you’re forced to be in close contact with other people, and don’t touch steel surfaces like handrails without cleaning your hands immediately afterwards.
Oh, and shoot all Chinese people on sight.

— Dr. Kim



  1. I would only amend that to read “…shoot all Chinese people and their agents on sight”. Of course that means very short news casts due to a lack of journalists.

  2. It’s a little late to be shooting the Chinese: the thing is – allegedly – over over there. Allegedly. Right now you want to be shooting Italians, which is the European locus of the disease. And Americans because a lot of them are ignoring the warnings.

  3. Lot of our “Chinese” were brought over as adopted little girls and never picked up the bad habits of their ancestral culture. Kinda hard to tell Chinese nationals from Americans of Chinese ancestry on sight. Perhaps we should just go with expelling all non-Americans from the U.S. and only shoot people who try to stop us?

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