Leaving Us Alone

With all the crisis talk and “We’re all gonna diiiieeeee!”  and “Gummint must do something!”  nonsense, there’s still more proof (as if we needed it) that most of America made the right choice back in 2016 by electing God-Emperor Trump.  Here’s why:

President Donald Trump did something difficult and remarkable during the White House press briefing on Sunday: he stood up for the free market in a moment of crisis, when at least half the country is pushing him to abandon it.
A reporter asked the president why he was not using the Defense Production Act to nationalize industries to take control of companies and force them to produce needed health care equipment for treating coronavirus patients.
Trump’s answer was that the United States does not believe in nationalization, and does not need it, either.

…and he goes on to give examples.

You know, I have always preferred that our presidents have executive political experience — e.g. a state governorship (despite Jimmeh Carduh) — but of late I’m starting to revise that opinion.

I realize that Trump is quite an aberration — he’s something of an iconoclast, and not all businessmen are in his mold — but I have to tell you that I’m starting to think that we need to elect, or at least give serious consideration to presidential candidates who have made their way in successful businesses.  (I’m not talking about CEOs of corporations, necessarily, because they’re often no better than the stultified politician type.)

Can anyone imagine where we as a nation would be now had we elected Her Filthiness as POTUS instead of DJT?  There’d be a Virus Czar, a Nationalization Czar, a Facemask Czar and countless other “czars”, all equally incompetent and ineffective — and you’d better believe that we would now be in the death-grip [sic] of a UK/EU-style NHS (which, from all accounts, is proving absolutely incompetent to handle this current emergency).

We dodged a bullet back then, folks;  and we now need to do two things:

  • re-elect Trump in 2020, and
  • make sure that his successor in 2024 is of the same steel and beliefs, so that all his good work is not undone by some Hillary/Biden/Bernie clone in the future.


Not to mention at least one  other charming situation:


  1. Whenever anyone mentions nationalizing an industry because it’s of strategic value for the current emergency, I bring up the US’s experience with the railroads. When the US got into WW I the government (quite correctly) recognized that the railroads would be critical for moving troops and gear to the East coast for shipment to Europe, so they nationalized the railroads under the United States Railway Administration. Now some good things did come out of the USRA, most notably standardized designs for steam locomotives and freight cars, but if anyone thinks it was a success consider this: After Pearl Harbor and our entry into the ETO, when the railroads were going to be called upon to deliver MORE troops and gear, to BOTH coasts, the government left the railroads in private hands. Almost as if men who got paid to run railroads could do it better than government bureaucrats.

    Need ventilators? I can see American companies gearing up and cranking them out faster than they can be loaded onto trucks, AND selling them to the hospitals at cost, just for the good-will they’d gain afterward.

    As far as our political class, it used to be a politician was expected to be a success in his field (business, law, even the military) before he went into politics. He’d then serve maybe a couple terms as Congressman, then perhaps be appointed Senator for a couple terms, then maybe two as President, before retiring from public life and returning to the career where he made his bones before. Now people study how to be politicians in COLLEGE fer cryin’ out loud. So we’ve had a couple generations of politicians who don’t know how to do anything except get elected, who are out of touch with the people they supposedly serve (in most cases in the manner in which a bull serves a cow), and who can’t DO anything actually useful. And we wonder why DC is as screwed up as it is, or why the American people got fed up with it.

  2. I’m thinking that Baker might be onto something:


    We all know that the Dems are gonna pull something. They’ve effectively killed off Bernie “I’m a socialist”‘s political inertia in favor of creepy uncle Joe, but eventually uncle Joe’s dementia will exceed the shockingly high threshold of deniability.

    We all know they’re pinning their hopes on whatever Plan C they come up with. Many think it’ll be the running mate, but a last minute swaparoo a la NJ seems more plausible to me .

    1. I read that too, and I have NO doubt that a switcheroo is in the works, because Trump will eat Biden alive in the debates, and the Socialists know it. Cuomo would never have made it through the primaries — not Lefty enough for the Bernie Bros (!!!) — but he’s been positioning himself as a Trump Lite ever since COVID struck.
      Makes me queasy just thinking about it.

      1. “Little Andrew Cuomo–you know, Fredo’s brother–criticized everything I said or did, right up until the Chinese Flu showed up and then he turned into the world’s biggest brown-noser.”

  3. Felonia Von Pantsuit will be the nominee.

    You don’t spend the money that sow did getting pretty unless you are going to do something no one will like.

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