Gospel According To Clarkson

One of the best parts of Top Gear and its Grand Tour successor is to watch when one of the trio launches into a rant about something or other.  And this one from Jeremy Clarkson ranks right up there:

INCREDIBLY, my email inbox is still being filled every day by people ­wanting me to give money to help… ­Australia’s homeless koalas. That’s like asking for money to help save Joan of Arc’s dodo.
What are they thinking? They reckon I’m going to look at the world and all the terrible ­problems affecting it then think, “Right, the thing that’s most deserving of my spare cash is some lightly grilled marsupial in Wombawombaland”?

The fact is that many of those Australian fires were started by drunken misfits in vests who wanted to see their handiwork on the news.
While global warming was blamed for the way the blazes took hold, the real reason is because environmentalist law- makers wouldn’t allow the level-headed to create fire breaks.
It was, therefore, the eco-mentalists who burned the koalas, so it’s up to them to buy the Savlon.

Read the whole piece to get some reality-based thinking.


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