But I Thought Guns Were Eeeevil

I see with interest that inhabitants of Los Angeles, New York and other liberal shitholes have suddenly discovered the value of guns:

Americans are starting to panic-buy guns with sales rocketing across the country and shoppers lining up around the block outside hunting shops amid coronavirus fears.
California, New York and Washington – the states hardest hit by the deadly bug – all saw a massive surge in gun sales.
Some buyers sought to ‘protect their families’ from looters should food and supplies run out due to coronavirus panic.

Of course, there’s always some wiseguy ready to poke fun at their plight:


  1. Same problem we in hurricane zones face. Those of us that are prepared for hurricanes and have food, fuel, water etc plus a nice noisy genset to keep the freezers cold are viewed as fear mongers when there is no threat. We are also viewed as possible donors to those that have failed to prepare. (grasshopper & the ant story) Those of us that are prepared are NOT buying guns or ammunition.

  2. Do toilet paper rolls make a good silencer? Is that what all the panic buying is about?

    1. They work quite well, as long as you don’t mind your position being given away by a blizzard of white paper flakes.

      Don’t ask me how I know this.

  3. Many first time gun buyers are shocked to discover that they, (mix and match like a take out menu) –
    A – Can’t order a gun on the internet
    B – May have to wait to pass a background check
    C – May have to apply for a permit before being allowed to handle a gun
    D – Have a mandatory waiting period
    E – Have been lied to about how easily available guns are

  4. One of the fundamental mistakes conservatives make is to think lefties are stupid rather than evil.

    Wrong, wrong, wrongity wrong.

    All the evidence is that they are more clever than conservatives but horribly evil.

    Has the Republican Party ever outwitted the Democrats on anything? Has any conservative party ever outwitted it’s commie opponents?

    I rest my case.

    1. “Has the Republican Party ever outwitted the Democrats on anything?”

      Well, the Democrats thought that seceding from the Union was a GREAT idea, and the Republicans demonstrated that industrialization beats self-congratulation. And the Republicans managed to elect Reagan and Trump. It may not happen as often as one could wish, but the Republicans do win a few.

  5. One can only hope that when the panic is past, they will use their newly armed con edition to go sort out the odds and sods in Sacramento….

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