News Roundup

News snippets, snippy comments.

1) Aggrieved former employee shoots people in brewerysee, that’s your “cultural appropriation” right there:  the brother used a (White man’s) gun and not a culturally-appropriate machete.  Couple of ancillary notes:  he didn’t use a black rifle, or else that would be all over the news, you betcha;  and he wasn’t allowed to own a gun because of a previous felony — not that this stopped him, of course, nor will you hear about this little factoid in the news.

2) China blames racism for corona virus fearsanything to deflect attention from the fact that these evil fucks were playing with this shit in a government laboratory as part of bio-warfare weapons development, and it got out by accident.  Just for that, I hope that millions of Chinese die from it, and maybe they’ll be dissuaded from these reindeer games in future.

3) China sends ducks to Muslim Pakistan to fight locust swarmsI suppose it would be churlish to suggest that the Pakis test the ducks for the corona virus.

4) Chinese city caught lying about corona virus statswait… Commies lie?  Does Bernie know about this?

5) Huge menu changesprobably a little late for that, but whateverSan Francisco’s and New York’s Chinatown hardest hit.

That’s enough virus nonsense.  In other news:

6) Most women only tolerate sexas any man over the age of 30 knows well.

7) Democrat candidates say all sorts of things [no links, why bother] — don’t care.  It’s either a pack of lies or else Communist policy [some overlap].

Finally, Headline Of The Week:

Nicolas Cage arrives in NYC carrying stuffed beluga and holding hands with mystery ‘girlfriend’… after taking her to visit his OWN TOMB in New Orleans

…because that’s how Nick Cage rolls, man.


  1. At first glance on my phone, I thought Nic’s dating a cleaned up alien from Predator.

  2. Unless they’re military aged males, I’m sure millions of dead Chinese aren’t really a concern for their government, probably wouldn’t mind it to reduce the surplus population….

    1. Even better, it’s mostly old folks (i.e. useless mouths) who croak from this thing… FFS don’t tell any of our politicians about this, or the next thing is they’ll claim to have a fix for Social Security.

      1. Too late I think for that. They’re already giddy about the thought, at least, I’ve seen reports of them wishing it….

  3. Just my own thought, but does anyone care what Nick Cage is doing, or who he’s doing it with? What’s he doing for a living now, anyway?

  4. Re: the Prognosis. I’ll risk it. (I hope you all appreciate the way I take one for the team.)

    1. Gun Free Zone, felon with gun & suppressor……
      obviously, we need more gun-control to address these issues.

  5. It does seem strange that the ranks of the Mad Mullahs are being thinned by Covid-19, and that a high-ranking delegation just returned from the Munich Security Conference where a closed door meeting was held with CT’s U.S. Senator Chris Murphy.
    How many of the Mullah’s recently visited China, and did they travel to Wuhan?

  6. Regarding;

    2) While I suppose it’s POSSIBLE that the virus escaped from a Chinese laboratory, I think it’s equally likely (and far more damaging to the prestige of the Chinese government) that the spread is simply an indicator of just how BAD the healthcare situation is in ‘modern’ China. The Mandarins who run the place (whatever their official titles) have never given a fat damn about the commoners, and in this the Communist dynasty is no different from any of the ones that preceded it. I hope it DOESN’T kill millions of Chinese (the poor buggers have enough trouble). I DO hope it kills a very specific Chinese population…the Politburo.

    4) Of COURSE he bloody well knows about it. He’s a Commie; HE lies. After all, if he didn’t he’d have about as much chance of continuing in Politics as Shrillary Clinton would of making a living in a Nevada brothel.

    1. I would expect that to do so you would have to be A) sexually appealing and/or B) pleasant. I suppose there are people who are sexually attracted to stupid arrogant hectoring criminal harridans, but it’s gotta be a tiny niche market.

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