Past The Sell-By Date

Okay, this one got a series of snorks from me, because I’m a sick bastard.  A sample:

All the comments are from women… and sadly, they’re more tragic than funny.

I think that Feminism, when viewed from a historical perspective, will prove to have become completely counter-productive (if not actually destructive) for women after the 1970s, simply because I think it was founded on a faulty premise:  unlike the famous saying, the fact is that you can’t have it all — never could, never will.  Life is a series of compromises, but some compromises are worse than others — women waiting to get married until they’re in their mid- to late thirties being a good example.

If you have daughters in their late teens or early twenties, feel free to pass this link on to them, as a warning.


  1. If you’re in your 30s and haven’t seen the hint of a marriage/long term relationship, you should do a deep dive, self evaluation and not from a Cosmo article. Because it won’t be long before…
    “Dating in your 60s is tough. You’re just waiting for the good ones to get widowed…”

    1. This is true, but also take the market into account. If your career requires living in a dating desert, things may be much harder to fix than the usual diet/exercise slogans.

  2. Widowed at 55 after 34 years of marriage. Three years later married a Nurse Practitioner in her early 40’s. I’m good. Honestly though, as long as us older fellows stay out of the over-40 divorcee with 2+ kids under 20 trap, there’s a lot of gold out there to mine. Divorced men in their 40’s want unmarried women in their late 20’s early 30’s, so their female age cohort is left wanting. Unmarried men in their 30’s want to stay unmarried until they’re in their 40’s.

    I feel bad for the current crop of decent women of all ages. The demasculinization of manly men, the GameBoy/PS4/Rap culture and the poison that is radical feminism has all but made marriage irrelevant to most men. Why bother?

  3. I divorced in my mid 40’s after over 20 years of marriage and never planned to be married again. I started hanging out with a nice woman, a year younger than me, who’s husband had died three years before and within a year we were married. A mutual friend of ours who attend our little wedding reception looked right at me and said, “You didn’t see that coming, did you?” She went on to say that my lovely wife left me on the market for about ten minutes before she had we caught and wrapped up.

    Now, 28 years later I still celebrate the joy of being married to an incredible woman who likes me. My first wife and I were youngsters I was 21 and she was 19 and for over 20 years I never knew if she wanted to hug me or hit me when I came in the door and some relationships are like that and never smooth out, at least mine was.

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