Yeah, About That

I’m sick of people leaving their own shithole countries, then insisting that the new host country change to suit their stupid customs and ridiculous laws.  In a rare glimpse of reality, a British court actually agrees with me:

The Court of Appeal, the second-highest court in England and Wales after the Supreme Court, has ruled that the Islamic marriage contract, known as nikah in Arabic, is not valid under English law.

Needless to say, there’s handwringing because some women are now going to be denied protection under British bankruptcy laws because ta-dah! their nikah  marriages weren’t legal to begin with.

Under ancient laws, these women’s “husbands” could have been charged with fornication (which would have caused said Muslim assholes to head to the registry offices toot sweet, you bet), but of course those laws have been abolished in Britain (although it should be noted that such laws have not been abolished in Muslim countries).

This does not mean, of course, that I am advocating the return of puritannical laws — at least, not this specific one — but it does make one think of the rather novel concept of “unforeseen consequences”, does it not?

Anyway, there is of course a legal remedy to this situation:  make each taxpayer claiming a spouse as a dependent on their tax return furnish a certified copy of their marriage license as proof of legal marriage.  But that’s not gonna happen because some civil rights bullshit or other.

What a mess, and all so easily preventable.


  1. Well, the documentation (marriage licenses, taxes, bankruptcy, etc.) are already in gov’t possession so there is no need for the citizens to “provide” them. Shenova simply needs to text Quantifa a request for such digital document and the deal is done. That is, if Quantifa can maneuver her 3″ purple fingrnails between the keyboard keys one more time.

    1. In this case the documentation doesn’t exist, ghost. The article makes it pretty clear, and it’s just like marriages in the US. You can have a religious ceremony but it doesn’t mean you’re married in the eyes of the state unless you file the right paperwork, and none of these people ever filed that paperwork.

      Now, some Islamic wives are trying to get divorces and child support, and the court said “sorry, you never got legally married, so we don’t have the legal backdrop to enforce stuff.”

      Which, of course, is incredible, watching the English courts admit they have no rights or basis to intervene in their subjects’ lives in this way, but it’s nice to see some small level of admission that there’s something they aren’t allowed to do.

      1. Except if these were native British women seeking divorces and property settlements (if natives who actually married in a church, but didn’t register with the state, also actually had property to divide) You can bet the Court would find a way to apply equity and get money for the women.* Because of Jihad, the courts are afraid to anger the people with the power, which means, “sorry lady, you aren’t married under our laws, so go to a Muslim court and seek your recovery under the Nikah.”

        Since under Muslim law, what the wife earns is hers to do with as she pleases, husbands know that if the wife works for money, he’s still on the hook for household and child support expenses, but the wife won’t be available to contribute time, and she’s under no obligation to contribute money. Therefore, it’s likely that to avoid the added expense, the husband won’t “allow” the wife to work outside the home, which as she likely won’t want to join the hurly-burly of commerce, she will accept gladly.

        If the court doesn’t want to, no prenuptial agreement will survive to be enforced.

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