Monday Funnies

Ugh.  Here we go again:

So because I’m in a bad mood, I’m going down and dirty today

I just hope that’s actual icing… and finally:

So, to make this week start off a little easier, some corn-fed Midwestern beef from one of yesterday’s Superbowl teams:

If they can have recovered from last night’s festivities and get going today, so can you.  Congrats KC on beating that other team from Commiefornia.


    1. You need to be careful with that anti-gingerism stuff round here, matey, or I’ll send ol’ Christina Hendricks round to club you to death with her milky-white freckled tits.

      1. I agree.

        I need to be chastised. Send her around.

        But you do know that in compensation for not having a soul, for every soul a ginger destroys, she gets a freckle.

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