Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

Oh yeah, baby.

A Michigan woman caught on surveillance footage fatally shooting her 43-year-old partner at an indoor trampoline park won’t be charged after prosecutors determined she had reason to fear he would kill her 14-year-old son.

Here’s a profile of the corpus delicti:

Genesee County prosecutors said on Monday that Hodges has a violent criminal history dating back to 1993.
Nine different people have alleged they were the victims of domestic violence at the hands of Hodges, WJRT-TV is reporting.
Hodges’ criminal history includes a 13-year prison stint for child abuse.
According to, Hodges was charged in 1995 with assaulting his 16-month-old daughter, leaving her with brain damage, deafness, and vision impairment.
He was eventually released in August 2008.
Hodges also has a history of choking women.

No wonder Our Heroine isn’t going to be charged.  She should get a damn medal.

You can all start applauding, now.


  1. While the world is a better place for this scrote’s absence, I read the article and the article is not very complimentary of her and seems to indicate that she killed him in anger rather than self-defence. Clearly the jury thought otherwise.

  2. Bunch of losers no matter how you slice it. Why do people, i.e. women, hook up with these types? They were arguing about him getting a job and not cleaning the snow off her car so I presume she’s the breadwinner in this menagerie. I refuse to call it a family.

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