Here’s a pic of Trump’s impeachment defense team:

…and I don’t wanna hear any guff about “DIVERSITEH!” either.  Not when a Jew, two Italians and a token WASP are involved.  And we also have “WOMYNS!” such as Florida hottie Pam Bondi and Jane Raskin, among others.

If that’s not a diverse bunch, then we’re all in deep trouble.


  1. Don’t forget Dershowitz, both Jew and liberal, who also believes the Constitution and the law mean something, unlike Schitt and Noodler.

  2. Many people have forgotten, or never realized, that diversity is not a synonym for skin color.

  3. Only Democrats get points for “Diiiiiversity” . Our side gets negative points for even attempting to claim anything that is the exclusive province of the Democrats. Trying to play by their rules only makes them madder. We should just sit down and shut up.

    ……….. and besides…….. isn’t Sekulow that TV ambulance chasing Lawyer???? and obviously Dershowitz is getting oldtimers disease. His opinion is meaningless ( unless it’s in the favor of the Democratic Party )

  4. Where da 400 pound angry nigress with knotted hair and 3″ purple fingernails iz?
    If you don’t have a dozen of them monstrosities running loose screaming and throwing shit you can’t call it die-verse.

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