The Story Of The Film So Far

From J.J. Sefton at Ace Of Spades :

On a granular level, I cannot imagine the Democrats succeeding in peeling away not just two or three but 20 GOP senators in order to reach a two-thirds majority for conviction and removal. Despite the Democrats attempt to paint McConnell as a Russian agent and/or rigging the trial in Trump’s favor, this too like everything else before will blow up in their face. And yet, they will continue with more smears, more charges and more attempts to sabotage the President and sway voters from now all the way to November. That’s all they have. They have no candidates or positions that even remotely reflect the politics of the average American citizen. They know it and we know it. The only thing left is to either replace the American people with illiterate peasantry from south of the border or, failing that, round us all up and put us in gulags or mass graves.

And the story of the film to come:

The big question remains whither America in a post-Trump (that is, post 1/20/25) landscape? The attempted coup and the concomitant attempt at impeachment means we have a political party and movement that will stop at nothing to attain power. And that means absolute power going forward. The Constitution when it is to be observed will be used as both shield and cudgel, or more than likely abandoned entirely. There is no way to use legal methods and regular order or precedent to thwart them. It is refreshing to see anecdotal things like Martha McSally calling out Manure Raju, Lindsey Graham calling out the Dems’ lust for power during the attempted high tech lynching of Justice Kavanaugh, and more substantively Mitch McConnell going pedal to the metal to confirm as many Trump judicial picks as possible. I hope it’s a bellwether of things to come, and of a dam bursting wide open with an unrelenting torrent of same from now on. Because, sure as G-d made little green apples, the next time the Democrats gain the White House, it’ll be lights out for sure.

There it is, folks:  the political landscape, admirably (and perfectly) summarized in a dozen or so sentences.


  1. Is anyone watching?? The film has pre-empted afternoon TV. Bad idea to keep the Soap opera crowd away from their daily fix and replace it with boring speeches about things that only the True Believers think are important. It will interesting to see what the “Overnights” will be.

  2. I think we’re looking at a replay of the late 1960s and early 1970s. I’ve been expecting significant political violence since the summer of 2017. In particular, I think Bernie’s Fascist Bros are going to riot if he’s not the nominee. And the Dems will play terrorist games in 2021-22.

    But this time, they aren’t dealing with Nixon…AKA LBJ without Propaganda Press support. He governed from the center-left, Trump governs mostly from the center-right. And the Big Scandal that is ready to bubble over isn’t his, it’s the Dems…and the Propaganda Press’.

    The Left wants a fight to the finish. I think they may well get it. I just hope they are ready for their bunker scenes.

  3. What need does the illiterate third world peasantry have for a no hablo Espanol Schiff, Nadler or Pelosi? Even if they somehow win the battle, they lose the war. If only there were revolutions to study, to see what happened. OK, I’ll stop. They’re Democrats.

    History, study it or repeat it, you’re not going to escape it.

  4. The Chicago 68 Convention is a foggy history for most Democrats. ( except for current slate of candidates some of them were there ) . They’ve all seen the pictures but if you asks them about it, they will tell you the riots and the protests were at the hands of the Republicans. No mention of Mayor Daily’s thug Cops. Those SDS guys were just peaceful students. It’s where Dan Rather became famous for being rousted by the floor security Thugs …….and at the end the Convention nominated “the next President” from an extensive slate of nominees / survivors who won in a historic landslide. Just like 2020. You remember …….

    President Hubert Humphrey.

  5. 2020 will be pivotal for several reasons, first Virginia was a wakeup call, this is what happens when many conservative voters blew off 2018 and didn’t vote and Bloomburg(God I hate his commercials), threw a bunch of money at a bunch of PAC’s and they energized the left with the *Orange Man Bad* stuff and a few key counties swung the state hard blue. We have to vote for our rights of survival it seems, can’t take any elections for granted. Now I hear that the Democrats in Virginia are trying to disenfranchise a bunch of voters and add voters to their base from felons, ete . They don’t realize that voting is a safety valve and once that valve is cut off for a bunch of them, that are no longer engaged and the 4th box being opened creeps closer.
    I believe that 2020 will be a landslide for Trump because everyone except the hard left base is totally tired of the impeachment because they know that it is a farce to rewrite the 2016 election because the democrats are throwing a 3+year temper tantrum. I am hearing from some democrats that if Trump wins again, they will impeach him again if they have the house in 2020 or 2022. Talking about poisoning the political well, if a democrat wins in 2024, he/she/it will be impeached by the GOP because payback is a bitch and the formerly smooth peaceful transfer of power that we were known for will be gone.

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