1. Damn, she’s still here.

    I TOLD you I’d wake up with your crocs under my bed.

    This pic actually disturbs me on multiple levels. The graffiti, the seagull, the crocs, the sword and shield, the empty coffee cup (I think that’s what it is), the picture of Marilyn Monroe. The more I look at it the harder I cringe. Where the (expletive deleted) did you FIND this one?

  2. Damm,

    I go to all this effort to create a ” Ruben-esk ” environment for her and despite her promises, she still has small tits.

  3. In a rare moment of sobriety Ralph vows to never ask for the “Tuesday Afternoon Special” again.

  4. Eschewing the popular — and functional — ‘cardboard-box’ habitats of many of their street-dwelling peers, this sleepy-eyed couple wake to a fresh new day outside the local welfare office.

    …outside the local mission.

    …outside the pigeon race track.

    …outside the local graffiti parlor.

    …outside the local what-the-flying-fig-tree-you-been-tokin’ commercial establishment.

  5. Although TheMainStreamMedia attempt to portray them as well-dressed and well-meaning and quite serious, this behind-the-scenes glimpse of every-day government-in-action offers a slightly different image.

  6. Can you pick which character in this delightful montage represents the power-base of Virginia governor Ralph Northam and New York city mayor Michael Bloomberg?

    (hint: it’s not defecating in a basket…)
    (another hint: it’s not either of the two humans…)
    (another hint: it’s not visible in any form shown here…)

    If you said “the people behind the curtain”, you are getting warmer!

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