Hoofbeats? Not Really

I am always banging on [sic] about how the West is in decline because of moral degradation and such, but of late I have been much more forgiving of this kind of thing, when it is practiced by individualsHere’s an example:

“Since I started swinging, I’ve been having the best sex of my life, and have met so many new people.  Swinging over New Year is so fun, everyone is in such high spirits. It depends what you’re into, but for me swinging on New Year’s Eve is much more fun than a traditional party.”

Compare this kind of immoral behavior with teaching grade-school kids about anal sex, and I think you’ll see where I’m drawing the line.

I’m not saying that I’d ever do it, myself — just thinking about it makes me feel a little queasy — but if grownups, and especially Olde Pharttes with no encumbrances as in the linked story want to butter their bread that way, it’s NOMB.


  1. “…it’s NOMB.”

    There ya go.
    If you step back and refocus you’ll see that a huge part of all the friction these days is by people that can’t seem to manage themselves in that regard. Frankly, I just don’t get it.

  2. To all those Ol Pharts out there. Old folks homes and senior communities like The Villages in Florida are experiencing a rampant increase in STDs.

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