News Roundup

All the shit that doesn’t deserve its own post.

1) Leader of attack on U.S. Embassy in Baghdad was a guest at the Obama White Housewouldn’t surprise me if his “welcome basket” included a bj from the First Lady, either.

2) Trump orders our Dealers of Death to blow up various terrorist assholesplease Sir, can we have some more?

3) Iran Threatens “Escalation” — go ahead.  Here’s what happened to another country  (Japan) which escalated on us.  We even have a term for it:  “massive retaliation”.

4) Fidel Raul Julian Castro quits the presidential racewho?  And speaking of hopeless losers:

5) Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden launched into the New Year by urging voters to make 2020 the year for gun controlgo on, Joe;  write off well over 50 million gun owners (who all vote) before the primaries… yup, that’s going to work well for you.

6) Veganuary makes its appearanceas if Dry January last year wasn’t enough to make us want to throw those scolds off high buildings, now the nut-eaters are joining in.  Time for some serious counter-measures:

As my old buddy Paterson used to say:  “A meal without wine is… breakfast.”  One could say the same about steak, except that Steak & Eggs is one of my favorite breakfasts.  Anyway, to continue:

7) Virginians are buying guns and ammo in record numbers, and paying with cashbut yet they’re going to vote for some another Democrat and his gun control agenda in November, we’re told.

8) The Internet strikes again, and againremind me again how we’re so much better off with technology.

9) Appeals court orders Arizona State to reinstate male student expelled for having a threesomefinally, some good newsJust watch:  the Leftists are going to try and create national nookie control, nextThey’ve already started, on campuses...

Then again, I’m so old fashioned, I thought a threesome meant this:

…and not this:


  1. Oh, thanks. Now I have to figure out how to get that wookie blowjob image out of my head.

  2. #3 “Sand plus heat makes glass, and when we get done with the Middle East, it should look like Superman’s dad’s apartment on Krypton!” – Dennis Miller

    #5 If only (other incompetent former Vice President) Walter Mondale had promised to take away everyone’s guns AND raise taxes, he wouldn’t have lost 49 states.

    #6 You can look this up for yourselves, but H. sapiens is only here in our current form because our ancestors ate meat. When you see ancient cave drawings, they’re hunting game, not making salads.

    #9 I’m not THAT old, but I’m old enough to remember when lefties told us that what consenting adults did in their own bedrooms was none of our business. (By and large I agree, but have some common courtesy and close the windows if you make a lot of noise.)

  3. Re: #6

    Go to and celebrate World Carnivore Month.
    Only Beef, Pork, Eggs, Salt, and Cheese for me this month.
    There may be some incidental lettuce, ketchup, spices, and mayo. And tea and coffee.

    Last year I did the vegan thing for January 2019 as a trial. To quote Crocodile Dundee “You can live on it, but it tastes like shit”.

    (Not actually true. It tastes fine. You have to eat at least 4 meals a day, and visit the bathroom a lot, but the taste isn’t the issue. It’s the lack of nutrition.)

  4. #7 I don’t think that I need to remind anyone that the coming days do not hold crisis just for Virginia, do I? What our fellow citizens are about to face at the hands of their mis-guided neighbors, backed by the billions of dollars funneled into political races from the top to the bottom of the slate, money from the likes of Soros, Bloomberg, and Steyer, is EVERYONE’S fight.

    Blue States are watching Virginia. If the Dems succeed in over-running the civil rights of American citizens, if the rest of our nation fails to take to the walls in their defense, it’s going to happen elsewhere. California, New York, Maryland, Illinois, one by one, the money will flow, the Constitution will be shredded, and we ALL will LOSE!

  5. You need to praise Biden for being honest, not condemn him, unlike Clinton who talked about ‘gun safety’.

    Speaking of Biden, isn’t he the real target of the current Trump impeachment? Or is he just acceptable collateral damage?

    1. Quentin, how cynical of you… I’d say he is, but that would be granting too much actual nous to the Raving Loony Party of America.

  6. The threesome in question involved two guys aka gay sex with a spectator so your picture is wrong unless one set of feet belongs to a girly man.

    1. Three people having sex is a threesome. I’m not going to get all judgey as to the equipment involved.

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