1. When the priest told Eric they didn’t do Wedding returns, Eric just attached Mandy to the doorway along with the other return.

  2. Usually the expression is “doesn’t know his ass from his elbow”, not “her fanny[1] from her armpit.”

    [1] knowing Our Gracious Host’s first choice website for getting Tryn Smysh Wymyn pictures, I am assuming this picture was taken in England.

  3. After(1) trying to get the attention of the folks(2) inside by using the knocker(3) attached to the door, Edmund(4) realized the key was under the mat(5).
    1) he presumed somebody was home, always an iffy.
    2) he presumed they were conscious and not deaf.
    3) sadly, tragically, a soft floppy knocker has little ‘resounding’ qualities compared to a stiffer(1) version.
    4) seen here in his ‘visitation’ attire.
    5) the new improved 2020 version in a trendy ‘all-the-rage’ red.

    footnote to the footnote:
    1) although this may be interpreted by some as a ‘vernacular’ or ‘off-color’ reference, the authors assure this reporter that was never their intent…
    …as they sniffed in derision while delicately extending their pinky during a tea sip.

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