Boxing Day

…a.k.a. “Thanksgiving, Round 2” in our house — i.e. with the entire family attending.  Only instead of turkey, we go Full English, thus:

Photo credit: Carnivore Style

Which translates into this:

…followed by a South African-style trifle pudding:

…and a cheese plate, in case anyone’s still hungry:

Oh, did I mention the brandy?

See y’all tomorrow.  If I survive, that is.


  1. I’ll make it simple.
    I want a 2″ thick slice of that perfectly cooked animal and a 12 oz glass of that alcohol.
    That’s all.
    None of those other distractions are required.
    I don’t even need a plate or tools, just my hands.
    Thanks, Management

  2. Heading back from the Beach at Port Aransas TX today where we spend a lovely time with step-daughter, her husband and two grandsons 20 and 22 years old. Stepdaughter knows we are all super conservative and wanting to be prepared for the worst so she had a little gift bag at each place setting for breakfast. I had a nice assortment of candies, two pairs of socks, a small can of Spam, a little box of crackers, a tiny jar of hot mustard and a nice little summer sausage for just in case the SHTF and we have to survive a day or two.

    Then son-in-law started the smoker and during the eight hours smoking good size hens and sausage he added two cans of spam which smoked up beautifully, a nice finish with a smoke ring on the Spam which went wonderfully with the rest of the meal. All of our three grown kids are married to good people and they can really cook. they enjoy feeding people and sharing a good table.

    I also spent some nice time at the ship channel watching the large tankers coming in riding high in the water heading up to the oil refineries and heading out loaded and knowing we are once more an oil exporting nation. Merry Christmas.

  3. I get wobbly over spam. I frequently open a can, slice it thick, then right between some stout wheatbread with a slathering of mustard. Don’t get more ‘merican than that!

  4. Great googly moogly! That beats the Hell out of ham or turkey any day.
    I can’t tell you how much I miss my mother making this for holiday dinner. (usually T-giving)

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