Social Dictionary

Ambrose Bierce would heartily approve of this iteration of his own Devil’s Dictionary.  A sample:

* “OK, Boomer” – popular, reflexive and mentally-flabby retort of retarded children who cannot formulate a proper or logical response to an argument, question or premise. A sign of belonging to a group known collectively as “Millennials” whose main attributes include oversized thumbs, limited intelligence, hysteria, extensive knowledge of modern technology but inability to use a rotary phone, can opener or rake, hair-trigger cry reflex, navel gazing, overly-high self-value acquired through a program of low expectations, and a belief that everyone gives a flying fuck about what they’re eating at any given moment.

Much more goodness at the first link above.  (Oh, and if you don’t have a copy of Bierce’s Dictionary, hie thee to the second  link and remedy that unpardonable omission immediately.  For only 99c on Kindle… please.)


  1. Only thing missing from that description is “…and a reflexive instinct to blame every problem, difficulty or obstacle in their lives on anyone but themselves, as if every generation but theirs had it easy and they are the only ones in the history of the world who ever had to struggle.”

  2. Someone needs to point out to them that since 1945 we in the West have lived in unparalleled luxury and plenty.

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