Simple Question

We all know that the eeeevil Black Assault Rifle AR-15 is doubleplusungood because it’s an Implement Of War and Shouldn’t Be In The Hands Of Civilians etc. etc. because it, well, it just looks  scawwwy and stuff.

So this particular Evil Black Rifle should be doubleplusbanned, right?

I mean, here’s the proof and everything that it’s a Weapon Of War etc.:

However (and this is the simple question):  what if the Evil Black Rifle in the first picture is actually chambered not for the death-dealing tumbling-bullet military poodleshooter 5.56mm NATO, but for the little .22 Long Rifle cartridge instead?

Should this gun be BANNNNNED as well, just because it looks so terrifying and stuff?

Enquiring minds want to know.


  1. OF COURSE it must be banned. Its black, its eevil, it sprays death and destruction at innocent children (chillllldreen) , it has clips that hold hundreds of hollow point murderous bullets.
    No-one needs that to kill poor hapless Bambi. That one is even WORSE than others because its bullets are much cheaper. So the murderer that owns it can buy even MORE bullets to shoot babies with.
    Anyone that would own one of these deadly death dealing devices deserves nothing less than prison for life plus 10. On second thought, the owners should be dismembered before they begin to serve their prison term.

  2. The only thing missing from Velocette’s excellent assessment, is that the ARs all need to suffer a similar jail sentence, before being thus dismembered.

    I hereby volunteer to incarcerate a good half-dozen of the Daniel Defense variants, as my utterly selfless contribution to the cause of “keeping ARs off of the streets”.

    ‘Cause I’d never leave such a valuable rifle just layin’ there in the street!

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  3. Never gave it much thought, but having a long gun that could burn through, say, a 50 or 100 round clip of .22LR as fast as you can dream, might not be a bad thing. If you were down-range, it would be like having someone launch a hornet’s nest at you. Might not kill you, but it would sting the crap out of you.

  4. In point of fact it is included in “Assault Rifle” bans.
    It takes detachable magazines, has a pistol grip, flash hider, and is semi automatic.
    Besides, it looks scary.
    IIRC correctly Commifornia’s ban included a single shot shotgun because it looked scary.
    Picture a couple of pearl clutching sissies flipping through a Gun Digest, “Oh! That one too, it looks scary!”.

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