No Need To Wonder, Love

Continuing with my ongoing fascination for sexbots and how they’re going to change society comes this conclusion, from a chick writer no less:

The human experience of love, companionship and unconditional acceptance we often expect from our pets is being hacked, replicated and ultimately replaced by dolls who live in the cloud during the day and function as your robot wife/sex slave/ couch buddy at night. She can be anything you want her to be and demands nothing (unless you want her to). Soon she’ll be able to make sandwiches. I can’t help but wonder if a large majority of men won’t opt for the conflict-free humanoid over the real thing, with all of our baggage and hormones and mothers-in-law.

I don’t think it will be a majority  of men, but it’s going to be a bigger number than anyone would expect — and for this, we can thank the Feministicals, woo hoo.

Prediction:  It’ll be all over when the sexbots can make us sandwiches.

And pour a decent gin & tonic.

And reload our favorite .45 ACP cartridges… [okay, that’s enough, Kim.]

Then again


  1. There’s an opportunity to use these as teaching devices. There’s a few things I wish I’d known the first time I’d ended up in bed with a young woman. And a few things for after the event was over, too.

    We’re probably safe enough until we learn to carry a fetus to term outside the womb; then we won’t need each other at all.

  2. “I can’t help but wonder if a large majority of men won’t opt for the conflict-free humanoid over the real thing, with all of our baggage and hormones and mothers-in-law.”

    What fascinates me about a statement like this is that the author is aware enough of the fact that she’s difficult to live with and her mother can be a problem but at the same time is completely oblivious to the very notion that she might need to change and might need to set some more appropriate boundaries with her mom. I don’t think any man is really looking for his wife/girlfriend to be completely conflict-free, but he definitely isn’t looking to spend the rest of his life paying for the mistakes of other men (real or rhetorical).

    When the sexbots do come, there will be a large number of guys who opt for artificial but “close enough” to the real thing. Yet few of these feminists would dare to even consider the fact that they’ve made living with them so difficult that a guy would rather have a cheap knock off rather than deal with her crap. They are so sold on the idea that masculinity is ultimately just defective femininity that the idea of the introspection and self-improvement needed to for a woman to leave the baggage behind and the appropriate boundary setting with her mother is so beyond the pale that she’d likely be offended by the mere assertion of “hey, if putting up with your baggage and your mother is such a burden he’d rather hump a machine…why don’t you make yourself a little more bearable to live with.” Worse, when the sexbots do come and guys start opting for the sexbot to her, she’ll likely view it as yet another defect in men and go gripe about it to her mom and her friends. Why? Because being a feminist means never having to say you’re sorry…to any man.

    Hormones? Well, there isn’t anything anyone can really do about that. That’s one we guys just have to bite the bullet on and make sure the snack cupboard is adequately supplied with chocolate and you have plenty of sappy movies in the Netflix queue. Twas ever thus, and ever thus shall be.

  3. For 4 decades at least women have been working overtime to remove themselves from the marketplace, with great success. Men have been worn down by women’s overall emotional baggage and are migrating in leaps and bounds into MGTOW.

    In 1984, in our first year of marriage, my mother in law stopped by while my wife and I were in an argument and after I left the room she told my wife, “This marriage is doomed.”. My wife told me this later. Now, 2 months away from our 36th anniversary, she has been proven wrong.

    I believe there is something in the bible about husbands and wives cleaving to each other, and though I’m not religious, I believe this is true. If either party allows something to come between them then anything can come between them, and at that point you need to figure out what being married means.

    Communication is the key to all successful relationships but it seems when a marriage is going down hill both participants spend all their efforts talking “at” each other instead of “to” each other. IOW, nobody is listening and everybody is yapping. Divorce is imminent when it gets to that point.

  4. I note that the Daily Star article portrays the dolls themselves in a very positive light. What a difference from the portrayal of female sex dolls. Double standards, anyone? I’m shocked, I tell you. Shocked.

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