1. Fortunately, as long-time holders of LifeSaving certificates, both Mabel and Delores were prepared for the CPR training-dummy to assert realistic responses to the usual pokin’-and-prodin’ of student-trainees.

    And I think we can all agree, patients and other casualties in the ‘life saving arena’ should certainly be ‘met’ with the FirstResponder complete arsenal!

  2. In this still captured from the department RobberyPrevention training film, fresh-faced actress Glistina Shinfeld portrays the unfortunate victim of the frontal assault crew.

    We draw your attention to the flanking third member, for our purposes known only as ‘hand-bag person’, scuttling away clutching the prize of the encounter.

  3. Fresh from her sheltered up-bringing on the Minnesota family farm, young innocent Glistina Shinsson enjoys a playful ‘scuffle’ with a pair of local subway-platform denizens during her first visit to TheBigCity.

    And I think we can all agree, her formative years of wrasslin’ calves is certainly paying off… in spades!

  4. A successful graduate of Minnesota’s finer nursing academies, Glistina Shinsson RN instantly recognized the traditional ‘fontanel method’ of infant-carry would be less effective on a mature invalid, so she immediately switched her well-honed grip to the advanced ‘eyeball-sockets hoist’.

    And I think we can all agree, a health-care professional with sturdy fingers can go a ‘long way’ in the ‘patient-transfer’ field!

  5. tomorrow on the View: The Crew grapples as to who gets to perform fellatio on adam schiff.

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