1. “climate change”
    institutionalized diversity
    communism (all varieties)

  2. animal rights
    climate change
    LGBQTXYZ and J super rights
    Politically Proper Pronouns

    (some crossover. all are offshoots of the same ideology)

  3. * Anybody named ‘Xir’ or ‘They’.
    * University classes in anything other than food or science including medicine and music.
    * Speaking of university, Political Science. FFS!. FFS!. F! F! S!
    * Coffee shops serving coffee or coffee-flavored beverages. If I want coffee, I go sit in a diner so a tired old waitress can call me “Hon…”.
    * soy. (intentionally lower-cased because I wouldn’t touch the stuff wearing a moon-suit up-wind)

    These almost made it on my five worst list:
    * Coffee-flavored beverages from the ‘They’ company, offered at a discount to anybody named ‘Xir’ and/or served by anybody named ‘Xir’.
    * Facial piercings. If I want to see spikes through your lips, I can watch the opening scenes of the Gary Oldman movie version of DRACULA.
    * Silly rules against heads on spikes outside my front gate.
    * ‘community standards’ about decapitation in general. (Again, please notice the lower-case, an indication of my amusement at their wishful attempts to influence my behavior. Ha!)

  4. Pop Tart pistols.
    Dolls for boys.
    Girl Scouts in the Boy Scouts.
    Political Correctness.
    Transgenders in women’s sports.

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