This Is A Test

Here’s a simple one to test your eyesight, alertness and social awareness.  Your task is quite simple:  in each pic, identify which of the four girls is the most popular.

I know;  it’s a tough one for a Sunday.

Here are the answers, from a woman’s perspective:

Pic #1, the second girl from the left, because you can see her eyes, and
Pic #2, the second from the right, because she has the prettiest shoes.

And a bonus question:  without scrolling back up, in which picture could you see an alligator?


  1. Well, I have to say that back in my day women never dressed that way in the first place. Damn, I was born several decades too early.

  2. Man’s answer. Biggest tits and biggest tits. Second place in top picture is 2nd from right with skimpiest bikini, although there’s really no losers in that pic. Bottom pic the biggest tits has the sluttiest dress, so clear winner by far.

    Most popular vs which one I’d pick isn’t the same, but then I’m just old enough (53) to be somewhat interested in personality also. Somewhat.

    Also no alligator that i could find, and i looked as long as prudently possible with wife sitting across the bkfast table.

  3. Proves there is someone for everyone. Top pic – blue bikini top with the great eyes. Bottom pic – left end, blue tank top, least slutty-looking of the bunch.
    My advice is to always go for the athletic figure girls while everyone else is fighting over the large-breasted ones. You’ll thank me for the advice the next morning. Honorable mention – the one in the red bikini in the top pic, she has a little crazy in her face.

  4. Well every one of them is desirable, the one that’s most popular is the one that gets close to me. So, send them all over to my place, and I will give you your answer.
    On second thought, maybe you shouldn’t, my wife keeps a pistol and a 12 gauge handy. (and she wouldn’t be aiming at any of the gals.)

  5. Top pic, the one with the biggest boobs of course.
    Bottom pic, the non-blonde.

    Not that it matters, I’m pretty much invisible to all of them.

    1. They’re all non-blonde, the one on the left (my choice as well) just doesn’t pretend to be.

  6. Top Pic, the one with the smallest tits has to put out, so any of the other three. However, the one with the big tits has alcohol.
    Bottom pic, I agree with Kim’s choice, but because she looks plain, so she will have to put out.

    Alligator is on the bottom pic. Tattoo on the top of slutty girl’s foot.

    1. The question is which one is “most popular”, which is of course the one with the biggest tits. But you and I know to target the one with the smallest tits, as she’s got to try harder to prove herself. So we’re on the same page here.

  7. I’m afraid I failed miserably, or passed overwhelmingly, depending on point of view. And my! What a view!

  8. After working on two projects today, one plumbing and the other electrical and two trips to Home Depot, never get it right but driving gives me time to think about this kind of question. The most popular is probably the one who won’t give any of us old regular guys the time of day but the most desirable one is the woman who will put up with your everyday crap and laugh with you and at you. Nice looking and well kept and not smelly are good features but high maintenance is best avoided and most of these gals don’t look like they get their hair done at Supercuts so there’s that.

  9. Top picture reminds me of college days. Standing around before classes started with about 6 gals and one other guy. Subject came up, breast size. The other guy and I kept our mouths shut. One well proportioned young woman started it–like first picture far right, another gal picked it up (like one on the far left in the first picture. Her response was:” you don’t need big breast, a hand full is enough.” The next one to speak up was like the one second from the lift on the first picture. She Said: “Hell, you don’t even need that much. A mouth full is quite adequate.”
    Of course at 20 I was in lust with all of them. Too shy to act, boy did I miss out on some hand fulls and mouth fulls, and other pleasantries.

  10. They all look high maintenance to these old eyes, which by the way cannot see an alligator anywhere at the resolution of the screen, even with a magnifying glass.

    That said, have always been partial to dark hair ladies whether the color is black, brown or auburn.

      1. No, no – I’m sure there’s an alligator somewhere. I’m going to keep looking for a while longer.

      2. Shucks. I thought it had something to do with the light fixtures in the background of the second pic.

  11. Alligator? They’re Crocs, man!

    As for which one, the Latina in the second picture; in the first picture the left three in the first are triplets and the fourth is clearly their sister.

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