Gun Game

Here’s a quick game for us to play.

If someone gave you a voucher for a free new gun at your friendly neighborhood Merchant Of Death, what gun would you buy or order?  (Restrictions:  one gun only, nothing costing more than $2,000 and nothing not currently in the catalog.)

Answers in Comments.

That’s a Colt New Frontier Single Action Army, in .44 Special. Cost:  $1,995.  (I need a gun for the Governor’s BBQ.)  I’ll spring for the DeSantis holster out of my own pocket…


  1. Since the local store here is a Class III dealer, I would pick something in full-auto and then sell it and buy a bunch of other guns.

      1. If he did, he’d be trampled underfoot by all my other Readers trying to get in on the action.

      2. That’s putting it mildly. The cheapest transferables I’ve seen are running in the $6.5K range.

  2. Standard Manufacturing Single Action 5.5″ barrel in .45 Colt. Beautiful finish, smooth action. Everybody needs a classy pistol that isn’t made out of plastic.

    1. I’d second that. $2000 isn’t nearly enough for the dream gun(s), but it would let me fill a niche to reach out and touch at 1000+ yards.

      And yes, I know the glass would likely cost as much, if not more.

      Of course, there is that 1945 Enfield jungle carbine in a local store . . . . .

      Or another Mauser K98k.

      What about the alternative. Joe Richerthansnot gives you his checkbook, without limit, to go buy ONE gun, but only one. what would it be?

  3. There’s a Springfield M1A SOCOM 16 CQB on sale at the local shop for just under two grand…

  4. Would have said either a 1911 or commander style .45. Don’t have one of those yet, & if there was extra money probably a Schofield style revolver in .45Lc.

    However I would probably use it to buy an eeeevilll black rifle. Never really wanted one till the current crop of arsonists started playing with matches.

  5. Ruger Mk IV Hunter, anything I’ve got to do, I could do with that. Since this is England, I’m not gonna get one am I?

  6. Beretta 1301 Marine Tactical, because I don’t have a shotgun yet.

    Since I have a bit left, maybe throw in a 92 Compact in Inox to make it a set.

  7. There’s not much new that really “trips my trigger.” At the $900 – $1500 price point I’d be looking for an older (pre-1980) S&W M27 or M28 in .357. In that gorgeous blue that S&W used to do.

    1. Same here. I find the older I get, the more retro my tastes get. That said, sticking within the bounds set by our host, it would be nice to upgrade from my trusty Mossberg 500 to something in the Benelli ETHOS line. Yes, some of them exceed $2K, but I would pay the difference. I already own a Benelli M1 Super 90 and am very much a fan of their inertia driven action.

      1. “I find the older I get, the more retro my tastes get.”

        You’ve been reading this website for too long, if such a thing is possible.

  8. A used Cooper Model 52 in 6.5 x 55 Swede, though the last thing I need is another 6.5 Swede, so another caliber could work. Used, Coopers can come in under $2000.00, but new they are about $250.00 or more higher in price.

  9. One of Bighorn Arms TL-3 rifle actions – Left hand, both standard and magnum bolt heads. Although realistically buying the rest of parts that a TL-3 deserves is probably more than I’d spend my own money on as well…..

    So an IWI Tavor 7 instead.

  10. Well, I would like a Johnson M1941, but that goes well over your limit even for a wall-hanger, so I’d go for a Mannlicher M1895 in the Rifle length, a Krag Rifle, an M1903 that I can shoot, and if enough is left, an M1917. The M1A or a Semi auto only M14 from that company in Long Island will just have to wait for the lottery.

      1. It got lost in the excitement of the thought of $2,000 that could be spent only on rifles.

  11. That $2K cap knocks out half the really good options…like a Pardini GP, or an Anschutz .22 sporter. Probably either a Kimber Model 82 in .22LR, or a Beretta 686 shotgun – the base grade comes in just below $2K.

  12. I’m told one of my local MoDs actually has a Dan Wesson DWX…so that makes the decision easy.

  13. I’ll have a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster, please. 🙂 (No handguns over here for prolescum.)

  14. I’m gonna be a cheap date. A rifle — sorry, a carbine — I’ve lusted after since my teens. A Marlin 1894 44 in .44 Rem Mag. If it’s allowed, I’d spend the rest on glass.

  15. A friend told me about an American Krag carbine at a shop near them; he’s going to find out if it is a real carbine, reasonably correct, and its condition; unfortunately he also wants one. If it is was real and in nice shape, and available, I’d get it.

    Otherwise I have a soft spot for the James River Armory M14 rifles; I’m leary of the Springfield M1-As for multiple reasons, and the JRA’s have forged receivers.

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