Monday Funnies

Another Monday, another week of this ahead…

So to scrub that ghastly image from yer brains, try a couple of these:

(Must be in Alabama somewhere…)

And on with the show, this time in an airliner not far from you:

And on that topic, it’s time for a little lift-me-up.  How about something from the 1950s, like Vikki Dougan?

Don’t get into any hot water this week…


  1. Yowza. Vikki Dougan is how women seem to think Audrey Hepburn looks to men. The truth is that to most real men, Audrey Hepburn looks like Justin Bieber.

  2. Ah Vikki.
    Now that is nice and brings to mind music from my era, The Limelighters:

    “Other girls who approach me
    Are beautiful gorgeous and gay
    But you’re so gosh darn more inviting
    Going the other way”

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