More Blue State Idiocy

NYGov “Fredo” Cuomo just ruled that the tides may not rise past a certain level in New York, ever again.

Just kidding.  Actually, he did this stupid thing (among so many  others):

The Cuomo administration is ordering National Grid to provide natural gas hookups to over 1,100 previously denied Brooklyn-based customers.  The Public Service Commission, the state body that licenses and oversees public utility companies, announced Friday that National Grid must provide service to customers or else face “millions of dollars in penalties.”  Previously, 1,157 customers had been denied service due to National Grid’s moratorium on all new gas hookups, announced in May.

Why did National Grid do this?

As you may recall, plans for a new natural gas pipeline from New Jersey were killed off by the state government under pressure from environmental activists.

In other words, there isn’t enough gas flowing into New York to provide service to new customers.  So what’s going to happen when gas demand starts to peak (as it usually does) in the bleak midwinter?

If they continue to hook up new customers, you’re going to see the backpressure in the lines start dropping during peak demand hours. If you look at the configuration of a typical gas furnace installation you’ll note that if the incoming gas pressure drops too low, the furnace will simply shut down for safety reasons until the pressure is restored. The same is true for many other appliances that use natural gas or propane.  Since peak demand typically hits during a severe cold snap in the winter, what Cuomo is ordering could result in a lot of people suddenly going without heat, most likely near the furthest extreme of the gas lines.

And New Yorkers are gonna start dying of cold and exposure.

Here’s my take:  Fuck ’em.

If the people of New York are going to continue to vote assholes like Cuomo into power year after year, decade after decade, I fail to see why I should have any sympathy when said assholes’ idiotic policies turn round and start biting the very people who voted them into power.


  1. I’m seeing more and more parallels to “Atlas Shrugged”. I won’t say I think Rand’s concepts for a solution to the problem are desirable, but she sure laid out a good blueprint of the ways NOT to run a government. If it weren’t such a ponderous tome I’d say every elected official above the level of dog catcher should be required to read it.

  2. The kicker here is New York is sitting on Natural gas fields upstate. The State will not allow drilling or “Fracking” to recover the gas thanks to Il Duce and the greenies. Neighboring Pennsylvania is once again keeping New Yorkers butts warm by selling Natural Gas from its’ gas plays. The once starving Dairy Farmers in my area of PA are all driving Mercedes and Corvettes instead of old rusty pickups and are awash with money from the gas wells popping up all over.

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