Monday Funnies

Monday, bloody Monday:

And yeah, maybe that’s in some other part of the world;  here in Texas it’s early fall, which means you still wake up to the sound of lizards frying gently on the sidewalk, as evidenced by my car’s dashboard display early on Saturday morning:

So on with the show…

Truthfully, I think I’ve been like that all my life.  Anyway, I’ve said some stupid shit in my time, but nothing this  stupid:


And for our Monday pick-me-up:





That’s it;  I got no more for ya.


  1. 83 Degrees outside! Time to start laying in the firewood, digging out the sweaters, and looking up the recipe for mulled wine. That’s positively chilly (says the guy in Florida).

  2. Isn’t Paul Krugman the one who said when Trump was elected, that the markets would never recover? And he is a “Nobel Prize winning” economist.

      1. Krugman also said some other stupid things in the seventies as well, but I’m still enjoying the Monday Morning Pick-me-up, so I can’t be more specific.

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