1. Remember when shaming was a thing, and the world was a better place for it?
    That was about the same time that most people had common sense and practiced decency.

  2. What the hell did we ever do to you to deserve that, eh? Feeling cruel today are we? Did we eat a nice big bowl of fuck you with some fuck you on top for breakfast today?

    I’ll be in my kitchen pouring bleach into my eyes.

  3. Neigh! I’d vote for MOO, but I don’t see any udders
    Used to see this as a kid when the Muskovites first moved into Brighton Beach years ago.

    1. Lo! The Greatest Diety Elon, blessings be unto his most revered and hallowed name, Our Glorious Leader hath bestown his graciousness upon the Brightonites and behold! so it was they bestook his name upon them for eternity.

      And all is well.

  4. Stranded on an uninhabited isle decades ago by an unappreciative crew after a series of poorly thought-through captions on a notorious Internet caption contest, the infamous LargeMarge is seen here grappling with fresh flotsam.

    With the hovel in dire need of repairs after an extended round-the-clock diet of legumes, this jetsam will be ‘pressed’ into service immediately!

  5. Seen here with the biggest stand-up paddle-board commercially available, newbie SUPler LargeMarge is somewhat dismayed.

    Is the darn thing supposed to sink to mid-shin level?
    That seems particularly poor engineering.
    Perhaps an adjustment is in order…

  6. Keenly-observant ‘life’ guards, seeing LargeMarge initiate the first of many ‘waist bend’ loosening exercises, quickly issued a ‘Beach CLOSED’ quarantine.

    Reportedly, no children or elderly were trampled in the stampede to escape.
    Not like last time.

  7. Clenching in desperation, LargeMarge frantically searches the ‘bug-in’ bag for an ’emergency’ Depends™.

  8. After teams of urologists recommended Kegel exercises to help control an ‘active’ bladder, fervent beach-goer LargeMarge is the very definition of minute-by-minute practitioner!

  9. Freshly-tanned and ‘full’ of vim-n-vinegar, Internet phenomena LargeMarge is ready to take the world by ‘storm’!

  10. October 2019 Sweetheart of the Month for the Lonely Sheepherders Association.

    And as my cousin’s first husband said after she fed him a dish containing tofu, “Don’t do that again.”

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