Fashionable Footwear

Saw this on Insty’s sidebar not long ago, and it stopped me in my tracks:

I have seen some ugly shit in my time, but these so-called “Newchic” things are Hillary-grade hideous.  Somebody elucidate the concept to me, because I must  be missing something.   “Fugly” doesn’t begin to describe them.

Of course, if these are The Most Comfortable Shoes Evah, then I stand rebuked.


  1. tbh, they do look reasonably comfortable. More so than most shoes.
    Then again, no shoe is comfortable for me, except some minimalist sandals.

    1. Me too, because I have collapsed bits and pieces in my feet and in shoes need these weird fiberglass and pad orthotics. The whole ensemble is heavy hot and unpleasant. I wear sandals for as much of the year as I can, which in Canada is maybe months.

      I just found new sandals, extremely minimalist and comfortable, even if the manufacturer is getting ‘woke’, UnderArmor fat tire walking sandals. But they are ugly.

      1. my feet are extremely wide with very high arches.

        I need my shoes 1.5 sizes wider than long and another size higher still.
        Minimalist sandals are about the only thing I can wear that doesn’t cause pressure sores.
        Add sweating a lot, and closed shoes cause my feet to turn to mush.

        Bought me several pairs of Vivobarefoot San-dal (yeah, it’s a play on words, a sandal designed by the San people).
        More comfortable than the Tevas I had been using.

  2. In the world of boots, there’s Danner. Everything else is Poseur Wear. Especially Timberline, which has been known to fall apart at the mere mention of a short hike in the woods.

    1. I was shopping for boots recently. Kept digging through Danner’s site looking for wide width hiking shoes that *didn’t* have a goretex or goretex like lining. Kept failing.

      This was to replace a *15* year old pair of ASOLOs that had been to 3 continents and were still wearable.

      Found these:

      Leather lined, Yak hide. wide fitment. Yeah, expensive, but so are Danners.

  3. Kind of like the old song, ‘Macho, Macho, Man, I gotta be a macho man’ , I saw some of this twinkletoes man crap in a magazine at the dentist office and realized there is a whole different world out there besides the one I know. And, I still don’t want to know about that world of strange ugly shoes and clothes for certain men.

  4. Fashionable Uglies for your feet was once a Female preserve; but they just couldn’t let that be, so we now have …….
    But, since I get most of my shoes from Big-5 …

  5. I guess Doc Martens are passe with the antifa crowd.

    This sure does look like what they would wear though.

  6. I don’t care *how* comfortable they are.

    There’s LOTS of comfortable shoes on the market, those shouldn’t be.

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