1. Intristing.
    Lime tastes better than blueberry, which tastes better than cherry, and nobody liked lemon at all.

  2. There’s a joke about the Trades Descriptions Act in there somewhere but I just can’t picture it.

  3. At first I thought this was a metaphor for which member of the BLTGQ community is most oppressed, then I realized Kim’s been practicing at the range a lot and probably saved the yellow crown to circle his final grouping.

  4. These are made for folks who are color blind.

    Side note: Holosun has come out with a gold reticle specifically for those who are color blind.

  5. Crayola had to make an exception in their “diversity-hiring” policy when a colorblind man was put in charge of the Packaging Department.

    1. ADA says that a reasonable accommodation must be made in order to hire someone with a disability.
      In the case of a colorblind man at Crayola’s packaging and labeling department, someone must be hired to identify the colors for the QC man.

  6. Eager to ‘make her mark’, fetching ingenue Alexanderia O’Casio-Cortez worked all month on an astounding series of new ‘bills’… for the American tax-payers.

    And I think we can all agree, more bills is just what American tax-payers… nope.

  7. What was it that gropin’ Joe just said — Don’t let the facts get in the way of the truth…..

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