1. How fucking pissed are the normal, straight players that their team seems to have been taken over by lunatic lesbian feminists. It’s almost like there’s a parallel to something else here…

  2. As long as a person is not abusing their significant other I don’t give a shit who that other is. I want to appreciate or dislike people based on their actions and accomplishments, not who they bump their nasty parts with. Unless they are good friends I don’t need to celebrate their marriage, shacking up, screwing around or self abuse. I can appreciate their running faster, jumping further, hitting home runs, playing metric football and finally scoring some points after running around each other in circles for an hour and some, it’s all good but they need to do their sex stuff on their own time and not ruin a victory with their political “I’m different” bullshit.

  3. I’m not a fan of Metric Football no matter if it’s an innie or and outie playing. I just like the idea of how some Euro types must be fuming that an American team is better at something they invented than they are. Again.

  4. I heard Megan Rapinoe said something derogatory about President Trump but it smelled fishy to me.

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