Break Time

Time for me to take to the air again…


Yeah, today’s American Airlines economy class looks just  like that. [/sarc]

Anyway, I’ve decided to take a little vacation time, to show New Wife around the country a little.  Angie’s only been to most of north and west Texas, northern New Mexico and the bottom half of Colorado, so I decided to take her off to New England for a belated honeymoon.  Also, she loves the sea and beaches are in short supply in this neck of the woods.

As with most of my vacations, there’s very little planning involved other than a putative destination and well, that’s it.  We’ll be flying up there courtesy of frequent-flier miles, renting a car, then heading out to wherever.  I know New England pretty well, having been there several times since I first saw it in 1985, so I have a short list of places to go to.  Most of the trip, however, will be spent eating lobster, seafood bisque, clam chowder and fish ‘n chips, all washed down with copious amounts of Sam Adams / white wine.  She also wants to do something she calls “walks on the beach”, so I’ll have to let her show me how this is done.


Blogging will be sporadic, depending on where we are and whether wifi is available, but I’ll be back in the saddle next week sometime.  In the interim, content yerselves with some old-time rock ‘n roll pieces from the archives (some old links may not work, but that’s not critical, mostly).  See y’all later.


  1. Have fun. As a student of architectural excess you might enjoy the “summer cottages” in Newport Rhode Island.

  2. …and as student of gustatory excess, if you can get in upcountry a ways, check out the restaurant and brewery scene in Great Barrington.

  3. That picture looks a little like Sand Beach at Acadia National Park in Maine. A great time to go — fly into Portland and rent a car. We in New Hampshire have very little coast, so Maine is the place to go. Stay in Bar Harbor. (Correctly locally pronounced it’s Bah Habbah.) And remember what is spelled Mount Desert Island is locally pronounced Mount Dessert. Watch the sunrise from Cadillac Mountain.
    Have fun!

    1. Yes it’s defiantly “Sand Beach” in Acadia National Park. It’s the only beach east of Portland The “Sand” is not silica sand, it’s ground up shell sand so it’s not as fine or as soft. It’s still early in the season up there but if that’s where you’re headed, there is a nice walk along side the park road by the rocks between Sand Beach and Otter Cliffs that’s a good substitute for a walk on the beach. If you are looking for “Popovers” I’d suggest skipping the Jorden Pond House and go to the Asticou Inn in Northeast Harbor for lunch. and don’t miss the Gardens across the street.

      …And for Lobsters, go to Beals in Southwest ( No signs – it’s at the end of the pier closest to the Coast Guard Station – it’s one of those places where your supposed to know where it is )

  4. Have to second the car trip. That is the best way to see the USA. Chevrolet used it as a selling jingle for years. But it is a good way. If nothing else you will see just how big the USA really is.

  5. tbh, though wider and further apart, those old seats were rock hard and uncomfortable compared to modern ones.
    And the tickets a lot more expensive, those economy tickets cost more than businessclass tickets do today.

  6. Kim,
    Have you considered taking the trip via Amtrak with a private compartment?
    You’d be able to relax the whole trip up and back, sleep in a flat bed, shower, have meals in either the dining car or in your compartment, and the ability to show your lovely bride the scenery all the way from Dallas to Maine.
    You can bring your own food and beverage along if you wish.
    Also you can transport firearms via checked luggage, just be sure to contact Amtrak in advance.

  7. safe travels

    If you’d like some interesting places to visit, let me know. so far I have spent most of my life behind enemy lines in New England

    Lexington and Concord MA are worth visiting, So is the Freedom trail in Boston and the USS Constitution across the way in CHarlestown.

    SPringield Armory in SPringfield MA is worth visiting if you like Garands and such.


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