Wrong Direction

Now there’s this little trinket:

Amazon is selling a bracelet that gives you an electric SHOCK you when you eat too much fast food, bite your nails or spend too much time on the internet

Hmmm… I have an idea:  how about selling one of these little behavior-modification devices which is triggered when you’re spending too much time browsing the merchandise at amazon.com? 


Then fuck off and die, you corporate fucking nanny pricks.  And take your little Stasi girlfriend Alexa with you to the crematorium.


  1. How about this become mandatory for politicians when they vote on spending money they don’t have and aren’t authorized by their enabling document to spend?

    1. I don’t think a mere bracelet would have a current high enough to do what it should to politicians….

  2. It’s *sold* by Amazon, not one of their products, so while I’ve got only a little love to lose for them (integrity compels me to note I am currently in the interview process for their AWS business), this isn’t something you can blame on Amazon any more than you can blame them for any of the other products they sell.

    The wristband isn’t *specifically* targeted at eating fastfood, it’s supposedly for any habit that the sensor can sort out.

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