Not Much

The Washington Times reveals their list of the most exciting handguns of 2019.

So why am I not excited?

Okay, let me break the list down for you.  I see some “exotic” guns (e.g. Chiappa), a couple of line extensions (e.g. Glock 43/48. Springfield XDe), a “new” Colt .357 Mag revolver, a Ruger .357 that attempts to fix Ruger’s notoriously shitty revolver double-action trigger, firing the bullet through a skinny barrel which looks like it’ll droop like a wet noodle after a few dozen rounds — and don’t get me started on the little revolver that shoots two rounds of .22 WMR simultaneously.  (Has the world gone crazy?)

Then there are the two “pistols” which look like chopped AR-15 rifles — I mean, seriously:  does anyone outside Hollywood think these things are worth a damn?

And finally, a new Nighthawk 1911 which looks lovely, will work flawlessly and probably costs as much as a small Florida Keys beach cottage.

These guns don’t “excite” me.  To be quite frank, I wouldn’t accept a single one of them as a gift.  This gun, however, does  excite me: 

It’s a S&W Mod 35 in .22 LR, made sometime in the 1950s.  Sadly, because it’s somewhat rare, it sells for about the same price as a new Kimber 1911.  But it still excites me because a) it’ll shoot the eye out of a gnat and b) it’s nicer-looking than any of the 2019 guns.  And yes (hint to Son&Heir ), I would accept this gun as a gift for Father’s Day (even though I don’t observe Hallmark holidays).

Feel free to enlighten me, though, about the 2019 guns…


  1. A great big Meh. Glocks? Maybe if I liked staple guns. I tried a bunch of the Chiappa Rhinos when they came out, the trigger was different on each gun. The grips suck big time. I saw some nasty pics of what happens when a Rhino kabooms–with the barrel on the bottom, if the gun blows the blast has nowhere to go but down, right into the shooter’s hand.

  2. Those pistols are mostly like your trashy Train Crash Brit Beauties not much good to look at, at all. Glocks and their knock-offs are the Velveeta Processed Cheese of the gun world, not much to look at but melted over toasted corn chips they will do in a pinch. As for that two shots at once .22mag, I saw that about a month ago and my take on that one is, “you’ll shoot your eye out.”

    The cut down ARs are kind of neat, my son and nephew both have one and they really are fun to shoot, especially with a suppressor, kind of like fireworks and with the brace not stock they kind of work but they throw a like of fire out the muzzle and most likely would blind everyone in a night fire fight.

    1. I built a 10″ barrel “pistol” with a PSA upper and Anderson lower a while back. As you say its lots of fun to shoot and has an SMG look without all of the paperwork hassles. I know that Uncle Sam knows where I live (C&R license) but I’ve never wanted to go the suppressor route. So mine is earmuffs and plugs LOUD with enough flash to set a bad guy on fire at 25 yards. I built the gun for around $350 with open sights and a cheap laser. I might do another one with an 80% lower – maybe in 9mm – and bury it in a length of PVC pipe should things go bad next year.

  3. When it comes to revolvers, my saying is “there’s no Smith like an Old Smith.” I’d take a 1950’s – early 80’s S&W revolver over a “modern” gun every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

    And that specifically includes the modern S&W revolvers with their “locking” mechanisms.

    Bleh. Give me an 80’s-era plain-blue Model 19.

    Oh wait, you don’t have to because I already have one (that I bought new in 1985 – the gun that I’ve owned the longest, by far.) 😀

    I don’t normally subscribe to the “they don’t make ’em like they used to” philosophy – when it comes to cars, motorcycles, electronics, and most other technology, the modern stuff is lighter, better made and less expensive.

    But S&W revolvers are the exception to that rule IMO. S&W kind of “peaked” at the very end of the revolver era in the 1970’s – 80’s and IMO they’ve been phoning it in ever since.

  4. I agree that S&W make fine revolvers, but I am not so agnostic on the new production. I have:

    1951 K-38 Combat Masterpiece
    1989 Model 19 6″ barrel
    New (2017) Model 17 Classic (the old K-22)

    Completely happy with all of them.

  5. I likes all guns and like some more than others, so on that list I’d take any and all. For free. If I have to pay then the only one acceptable would be the Colt Cobra. Not really in the market for the others.

    Regarding these AR pistols. They are only pistols in a legal sense. A friend has one and when he showed it to me I asked, “Where’s the “pistol” part?”, cause it didn’t look too dissimilar to my own AR and looked nothing like any of my pistols. He then explained the whole thing to me. A bunch of legal jargon all of which is criminal as it ignores the “shall not infringe” law. I’ll never own one cause I already have an AR and see no point in the whole pistol idea. Plus, I haven’t the strength in my shooting arm to properly shoot one, nor do most people. Therefore, it is shot like a short barreled carbine.

  6. I tried clicking the link, but it doesn’t seem to work on my phone. Nevertheless, most listicles like that are simple “here are the new things our advertisers want you to buy”. I’m interested in the new Colt revolver, but with full appreciation that it ain’t like the old Colt revolvers. That AR pistol stricks me as a range toy with no practical application, much like bump stocks. Fine if you got the money, but no interest to me. Everything else is just an ad I don’t need to see. I’m pretty sure my kids won’t cough up the moola to get a S&W .22 kit gun, so I’m on my own there. Dang.

  7. I wouldn’t be so quick to discount the “pistol” quasi-SBRs. I used to dismiss them as silly range toys but have three now and love them (though I’m not convinced about these super-short “PDWs” like you pictured). It’s amazing how much firepower I can cram into a small-ish backpack. I’ll admit the 5.56 loses velocity and is quite the flash-bang generator…but it’s pretty serious. Go with something more suited to a short-barrel like the 300 Blackout and there are fewer drawbacks. Take it another step and go to a pistol caliber and you *gain* velocity and effectiveness and, with a little planning you can share magazines between “long gun” and handgun. My Glock 9mm combo is great.

    I agree the whole “shoulder brace” thing is silly and “shall not be infringed” is pretty clear but I didn’t make the rules. Go ahead and rock an unregistered SBR. Shout “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!” from your cell. Let me know how it goes.

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