News Roundup

1)  Eating beaver is an aphrodisiac, Polish minister claimswhy yes, yes it is.

2)  Instagram crashes AGAIN: Users around the world hit by outage, leaving them unable to login or load the appFirst World problem

3)  Indian man is killed in fight to the death over WATERThird World problem

4)  Man is run over (twice) and is robbed while lying at the side of the road just wasn’t his day, was it?  

5)  After a $1 million restoration, historic ship collides with container ship and sinks wasn’t their day, either.

6)  Man Guarding Miners From Pride Of 14 Lions Is Killed — By An ElephantAfrica Wins Again.

And to end the carnage:

7)  Some stupid bitch screams abuse at a Trump supporter, loses her job as a consequenceand as sure as night follows day, some asswipe takes umbrage because Oh My We’re Better Than That, not realizing that unless we continue to use the Left’s own rules against them, they’re going to not only carry on being assholes, but get worse.

Screw them both, the Left and the Appeasers.  There are consequences for acting like an asshole, and it’s time the Left experienced that.


  1. #7
    Why is it that the fattest, most repulsive, human animals are the most anxious to draw attention to themselves?

    If she wants attention, she should be stripped naked, suspended in mid-air with ropes at wrists and ankles, in a very public place, then violently pummeled with rotted fruits and vegetables for a period of no less than 24 hours, then threatened with even worse if she infractions again.

    Or, beaten about the head and shoulders with a blunt metal like object until unconsciousness over comes her.

  2. I skimmed the ‘Spiked’ article about the fat faced lefty screamer and went to the comments. Most of them took the Du Toit position, and quite right too.

    But the article was good, because it it showed that the more supposedly conservative people write crap like the article, the more they crystallize resolve to be rid of them, to expel them, to refuse what they say and oppose it.

    Philosophies are like civilizations in that they are most often destroyed from within by penetration agents and opportunist traitors. Conservatism has been seriously enmoled by such agents and is chock full of traitors.

    The Republicans in the US the British and Canadian Conservative parties are examples of political groups near death thanks to efforts of internal weasels.

  3. On item 7:. Ever notice that the abusive twits are nearly always women? Perhaps because Conservative men were likely raised with old fashioned patriarchal attitudes like “Don’t hit girls”, and a guy who acted like that would be picking his teeth out of his next bowel movement. I’ve seen videos of libs committing assault and/or battery and the guy not fighting back. Screw that, you can’t insult me because the truth about me is worse than your feeble intellect could make up, but you touch me and it’s game on.

    1. This in one area where I am in full agreement with treating women the same as men.

  4. I noticed a long time ago that They Always Look The Same. I remember a vid of some fat feminista, cigarette in hand, chastising a man for running his AC in his parked car.

    He was keeping his infant daughter comfortable while his wife quickly ran into a store for some essentials.

    Feminista was upset that he was killing the environment and being the worst example of the patriarchy, etc. this was around 2005/6. It has been happening for longer, that’s just my earliest memory of the phenomenon.

    From neckbeard pedos to fat, fringed harpies, you know at first sight what you’re gonna get out of a person.

    And it isn’t always about appearances or style, but there’s a lingering Smug behind the eyes. Gives it away 1000%

  5. The collision with, and sinking of, the pilot-schooner, seems to say all that needs to be said about Germany’s current state of military/naval preparedness.

    1. That or German hard-headedness “I’m a sailboat, I’m not gonna come about or luff, I have the right of way”, never mind the container ship needs a mile to stop and can’t turn in the narrow channel.

  6. Re #7: I must disagree. Lynchmobbery is never a good idea, no matter how repulsive the target or even if the target’s associates do it. The people forming the lynch mobs unleashed by the Left are, in general, almost completely ignorant of the actual event being reacted to. They’ve been trained to hysterical overreaction when signalled.

    Having similar right-wing mobs won’t make things better. For one thing, such mobs are impossible to control. Sometimes they erupt spontaneously; often, they attack targets who are harmless, or neutral, or even friendly. And they are very difficult to un-train. Think “Red Guards”.

    For another: it seems very likely to me that they would become the tool of outright scammers and “right-wing” grifters. Frustration and rage are great marketing opportunities. The LaRouche cult has been doing it for decades. Others on the right may actually have some right-wing beliefs, but they’re mainly in it for the money they can skim off fund-raising. They’d rather lose a battle, if it makes more people angry enough to donate to their fake PACs.

    If there are right-wing lynch mobs for the using, these scum will use them to destroy anyone who interferes with them – so called “traitors”.

    For another: the Left is not a monolith. The vermin who vandalize a car with a Trump sticker won’t be deterred by vandalism of cars with Clinton stickers; nor will the threat of such vandalism impel anyone to restrain the vermin. How would it happen?

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