Dog Bites Man

According to !SCIENCE!, all these “new” apps are making it easier for hookers:

Apps like Facebook and Tinder are fuelling the “soaring industry” of online prostitution and sexual exploitation, according to a worldwide study published by a French anti-prostitution group on Tuesday.
Prostitution has moved “from the street to the Internet”, where pimps recruit young girls via Snapchat and Instagram before prostituting them in apartments rented on Airbnb, said anti-prostitution group Fondation Scelles.

No shit.  Here’s the DUH! statement:  every time technology improves, one of the first beneficiaries is nookie.  Always.  A couple of examples should suffice:

I have no way of proving this, but I bet that Photographer #3, back in the 19th century, took some nudies of his girlfriend.

And we all know how long it took before the old Polaroid cameras were used to take nudie pics, right?  (Rough guess, about 15 seconds after the things went on sale.)

Moving from static- to motion pictures:

…and I’m not even going to mention home movies.

Next, when the Intarwebz came along and made in-home porn just a click away, and cell phone technology made it portable, I think my point has been made.

So of course  modern apps have made things easier for the porn industry;  and if it’s easier for porn, it’s easier still for prostitution — and we sure as hell didn’t need any studies to tell us that.

Speaking of technology, as sexbots improve and (inevitably) go down in price (so to speak), even prostitution looks like becoming passé.  But that’s a topic for another time.


  1. I remember seeing ads in fukbooks in the 70’s showing a small hand held “projector” with a 3″ fukfilm reel loaded up and it had a 2″ screen for viewing and a hand crank, for like $29.95. lol

    Now, I haven’t seen a fukbook in about 15 years or more, do they make them any more? They used to sell them in all the convenience stores. Now? Nada.

    At 64 I’m kinda past all that pr0n stuff. It’s a huge time sink, so I’ve heard.

  2. When Daguerre introduced the daguerreotype in 1832, the second image reproduced on the silver-coated glass was that of a naked woman.

    By 1839 it was widely available and used for pornography…err, artistic nudes.

    Some things never change!

  3. It is much older. Archaeologists have found cuneiform porn. Basically every single new communication technology has been rapidly deployed for porn.

  4. …and then it will be Bot Bites Man, when it is revealed that the Shinawa Model 3’s cleverly concealed blades can be activated remotely via 5G tech…

    The hurrier we go, the behinder we get.

  5. It’s not just porn.

    The first (occasionally second) use of any new (sufficiently) new technology is almost always vice or crime.

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