News Roundup

Wherein I comment on news items not worthy of their own post.  This episode:  sexy stuff.

1)  Sex doesn’t have to hurt — but where’s the fun in that?

2)  Friction Burns — as I keep reminding women:  pubic hair has an actual purpose (as a dry lubricant), so shaving yer pubes is eventually going to cause trouble.  Now “science” proves me right.

3)  Dick Enhancements Don’t — just about anyone with an IQ over 50 could have told you that;  but no, we needed “science” to prove it.  (And a piece of caustic advice for any man who gets criticized for his ummmm shortcomings:  tell her it’s not that your dick’s too small, it’s that her box is bigger than the Lincoln Tunnel.  Instant neuroses, guaranteed.)

4)  Russkis need help with sex — I would have thought they had that pretty much under control, considering that the phrase “like a Moscow street whore” has entered the popular vernacular.  On the other hand, it may just be the older, Soviet-era women who have the problem:

…in which case, gawd help us all.


  1. For the second one, never understood the fascination with shaving down under anyway. Perhaps a sign of the era I spent my formative years in (and the Playboy models found in that era), but I always preferred the natural look or a bit trimmed, but not someone who looks pre-pubescent. Then again one of the first Playboy models I ever saw was Bo Derek, who despite her lack of acting ability is (IMHO) STILL one of the best looking women EVER, and is still a truly gorgeous woman at age 62.

    1. Any mention of Bo Derek should include husband/mentor (or vice-versa!?) John Derek. Prior to Bo, his eye for good horse flesh included Ursula Andress and Linda Evans. In turn, Andress later on “developed” Harry Hamlin. “It’s A Great Life If You Don’t Weaken”.

  2. 1. Love hurts. Who’d a thunk it?
    2. If you fuck a woman that looks like a child down there will you then want to fuck a child?
    3. If you have a teeny dik, when you start fucking her tell her, “Man, your gash is well used!”, then blow that load, haul ass, and never go back. Unless she calls you. You found a keeper! Oh yeah, fat gurlz are tighter, at least that’s what I’ve been told.
    4. The woman is 45, divorced, and wants to know what sexual satisfaction is. She probably can’t be helped. So the obvious answer is to flood the russian market with sex everything every where and in short order you’ll have 13 year old gurlz getting abortions and fags prancing up and down the street. Remember when the big complaint in the 90’s was, “Get the gov’t out of our bedroom?”, now those same folks are fuckin’ anywhere they want.

  3. Wow, a lot of information I never wanted to know, but now I do. My experience being in my seventh decade is that men, like me, who know a little bit about women know that when it comes to women folk and their neither lands it is best to say nothing at all. Just listen when they talk about woman stuff, nod your head and say ok, then listen and, nod and repeat ok. Notice lower case ok which just means you heard her, know she said something, doesn’t matter what, because she wants to know you heard her words.

  4. This being Australia with a hybrid health/hospital payment scheme, the demands for surgery may vary from other places.
    One of my surgeon friends was telling a group of us (blokes) that vaginal reconstruction is now the second most frequent of elective surgery procedures.
    Crikey! Why is that?
    Seems there is a lot of porn on the screens, and the women see the body on display, and they want one like THAT one.
    Blokes have known for centuries that our wedding tackle differs from other blokes, so we usually put up with what we have. Proves our superior common sense.

  5. Sounds like the story of the failed Russian bordello: “The women CAN’T be the problem; they’ve been loyal party members for over fifty years!”

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